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Welcome to my website which is dedicated to the sale of mainly British Medals, Orders and Decorations.

I am based in Norfolk and attend the Britannia, Copdock and Thetford fairs.I also attend the monthly fair at St.Andrews Hall, Norwich.

I am always interested in buying quality Medals,and I will always consider taking Medals as part-exchange for any purchase.

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The items of militaria shown below can be viewed in our on-line shop complete with full descriptions, photographs and prices.

BOER WAR -AFRICA GENERAL SERVICE AND WW1 GROUP OF FIVE TO STOAKLEY-MIDDLESEX REGIMENT POST OFFICE RIFLES AND TANK CORPS South Africa Medal,no clasp,named to: 6769 PTE W STOAKLEY MIDD'X REGT. African General Service Medal, clasps: SOMALILAND 1902-04/JIDBALLI Named to: 6769 PTE W STOAKLEY MIDDLESEX REGT. British War and Victory Medal, these named to: 375219 PTE W A STOAKLEY 8-LOND R. Imperial Service Medal,(George VI) Named to: WILLIAM ALEXANDER STOAKLEY. Enlisted with the Middlesex Regiment in 1900.Served in St Helena guarding prisoners of War,then saw service in the Somaliland and Jidballi campaigns with the mounted Infantry.He was discharged in 1912,and then joined the Post Office as a Post Office Porter (London Gazette 03/09/1912.He rejoined the Army in 1917,and served with the 8th London Regiment, and16th London Regiment, before transferring to the Tank Corps.See his entry in the National Roll of The Great War, where he is listed as STOAKLEY W.A.TANK CORPS.This states that he took a prominent part in the second battle of the Somme,and the retreat and advance of 1918. A very interesting, unusual group,only 33 African General Service Medals awarded to the 2nd Middlesex Regiment,with Somaliland 1902-04clasp,and only 23 with Somaliland and Jidballi clasps. Medals about good very fine, edge bruise on A.G.S-on original small lengths of ribbon-also comes with original ribbon bar for the Q.S.A./A.G.S. Comes with copied papers,medal rolls,entry in National Roll of The Great War,etc.
MILITARY GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP BARROSA-SERJT TILL- ROYAL ARTILLERY Military General Service Medal,clasp BARROSA Named to: W.TILL, SERJT R.ARTY Medal is extremely fine,small edge bruise and scratch on edge. Confirmed on roll.Ex Gendinings,1909 and 1952. William Till was born in the parish of Maddershall,Stafford.A potter by trade. Served in the 82nd Foot 1794-1795,35th Foot 1795-1796 and the Royal Artillery 1798-1817,serving for a total of 21 years,169 days. Sold with copied papers.
WAR MEDAL 1939/45-CANADIAN ISSUE IN SILVER War Medal 1939/45 Canadian issue struck in silver. About very fine, and toned
1853 SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-TO HALLS RIFLE BRIGADE-DIED IN THE CRIMEA 1853 South Africa Medal,named to: WM HALLS 1ST BN.RIFLE BDE. Medal good very fine-several e/nicks. William Halls confirmed on the Medal roll for South Africa 1850-53 He was also was awarded the Crimea Medal, clasp Inkerman. He died in service on 18th February 1853.
1914 STAR TO BASSINGTON ROYAL FLYING CORPS JOINED 1913 AND PICTURED AND LISTED IN " A CONTEMPTIBLE LITTLE FLYING CORPS" 1914 Star, named to: 983 2/AM C.E.BASSINGTON.R.F.C. Charles Edward Brassington(note Bassington on Medal) was born in 1890,in St Leonards,Stafford.He was a direct entrant into the Royal Flying Corps,in December 1913, and earned the 1914 Star serving with 5 Squadron,as AM/2 .he was promoted to Acting Corporal Clerk, 1 February, 1918.Was Corporal Clerk in April 1918 muster roll.Awarded Royal Aero club Aviators certificate no 4260 on 17th February 1917 as Corporal.He is listed in "A Contemptible little Flying Corps",where his details are listed, along with a photo of Brassington,and he is also pictured on a group photo,under entrant 979. He was transferred to the reserve on 24/05/1919. Nice original Royal Flying Corps entrant,worthy of further research. Medal about good very fine,on small piece of ribbon as purchased.
1914 STAR TRIO KURDISTAN LONG SERVICE GROUP OF FIVE TO DOUBLEDAY ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS 1914 Star trio,named to: 7175 PTE S DOUBLEDAY R A M C General Service Medal (George V),clasp IRAQ,this named to; 7247189 PTE S DOUBLEDAY R.A.M.C. Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,(George V Robed bust) clasp REGULAR ARMY Named to: 7247189 CPL S T DOUBLEDAY . R.A.M.C. Trio and G.S.M. about very fine, a little contact wear,Long Service Medal a little better.Mounted on card for display. Arrived in France on 13/08/1914 Interesting combination of awards
1914 STAR TRIO TO BURDETT KINGS ROYAL RIFLE CORPS-TAKEN PRISONER AND DIED OF WOUNDS 17TH NOVEMBER 1914 1914 Star trio, named to: 4381 PTE J BURDETT 2/KR.R.C. 3481 Pte John Burdett 2nd 2n Btn., King's Royal Rifle Corps,died of Wounds on 17th November 1914.He is buried at Hamburg Cemetery.He was born In Leicester,and lived at Holgate,Yorkshire. Arrived in France 22/08/1914 entitled to clasp Medals are about extremely fine, on original full-length silk ribbons.The British War Medal, and Star are toned.
1914 STAR TRIO TO ENEVER-ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY DIED OF WOUNDS 1916-COMMEMORATED ON THE BASRA MEMORIAL 1914 Star trio, named to: 56762 GNR W.ENEVER R.F.A. ( A.BMBR W.J.ENEVER on pair). Acting Bombadier Willaim James Enever 56762 8th Battery 13th Brigade Royal Field Artillery died of wounds on the 08/09/1916.He was born in Gosport,and enlisted at Purbrook.He is commemorated on the Basra Memorial.He arrived in France on 14/10/1914. Medals are about extremely fine, mounted on card.Sold with copied research
1914 STAR TRIO- SMITH ROYAL ENGINEERS 1914 Star trio named to: 28758 CPL.H.B.L.SMITH ROYAL ENGINEERS. Arrived in France 15/10/1914.entitled to a SWB discharged 17/10/1916 Medals extremely fine,on full lengths of original silk ribbons.
1914 STAR TRIO-BLANEY-ROYAL ARTILLERY-DIED 1918 1914 Star Trio named to: 82198 DVR H.BLANEY R.F.A.(R.A.on pair) Died 03/07/1918 serving with 5th Battery,45th Brigade.Royal Field Artillery The Son Hugh and hannah Blaney;husband of Alice May Blaney of 194,Sprowston Road.,Norwich.Born in Durham. Buried at Brandon(Meadowfield) cemetery,Durham. Medals are mint, with their original envelopes and boxes-no ribbons
1914 STAR TRIO-HUNTER NORFOLK REGIMENT 1914 Star Trio. Named to: 3-7775 PTE.C.HUNTER 1/NORF:R. Arrived in France 22/09/1914 Later transferred to the Essex Regt. Discharged due to sickness,26/06/1916.Entitled to SWB 80672 Medals about good very fine,on short lengths of original silk ribbons
1914 STAR TRIO-NICHOLS 1/WEST YORKS REGIMENT 1914 Star trio, named to: 6307 PTE G NICHOLS 1/W.YORK:R. Medals about good very fine, star has been gilded. Arrived in France 20/09/1914 Also entitled to a Silver War Badge Later service with the Labour Corps Comes with copied M.I.C.
1914 STAR TRIO-WADE 1/DRAGOON GUARDS 1914 Star trio,named to: 341 PTE.H.WADE 1/D.GDS(D-341 on pair) about very fine or better,(341 on star has been re-punched) Arrived in France 11/11/1914 On original grubby ribbons
1914 STAR-MAJOR- LATER BRIGADIER GENERAL GARNIER NORTON CARTWRIGHT C.M.G., D.S.O.- MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES FOUR TIMES. 1914 Star named to: MAJOR G.N.CARTWRIGHT R.F.A. Brigadier General Garnier Norton Cartwright, was born on 07 May 1868,the Son of R.N.Cartwright,of Ixworth Abbey,Suffolk.He joined the Royal Artillery on 17th Feb 1888; became Lieutenant 17th Feb., 1891; Captain 1 July,1898,and Major 9 Dec. 1903.Major Cartwright served in the European War from 1914; became Lieutenant-Colonel 30th Oct.1914; Served with the 55th Battery Royal Field Artillery.He was temporary Brigadier General ,Royal Artillery 1st Division,B.E.F.British Armies in France,from 15th October 1915, to 19th October, 1917.He married Isabel,daughter of the late T.J.Masters of Llannelly Hall,Llantrisant. He died in 1924 and is buried at Ixworth, Suffolk.There is a memorial tablet at St.Mary's church, Ixworth, Suffolk. D.S.O.: London Gazette: 18/02/1915 "For services in connection with operations in the field" C.M.G.:London Gazette; 04/06/1917 M.I.D.: London Gazette: 17/02/1915 M.I.D.: London Gazette : 01/01/1916 M.I.D.: London Gazette: 15/06/1916 M.I.D.: London Gazette: 15/05/1917 Arrived in France 23/08/1914, entitled to clasp,British War and Victory Medals would have been named: BRIG GEN according to his M.I.C. Medal about good very fine Miniatures have appeared on the market, which included an I.G.S.,1897 Jubilee,1903 Delhi Durbar.
1914/15 STAR TRIO AND NAVAL LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-TO GRIMBLE ROYAL NAVY-SERVED ALL OF WW1 ON H.M.S. BOADICEA 1914/15 Star trio, named to: M812 A GRIMBLE E A 3 R.N.(E.A.2 on pair) Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, named to: M812A A GRIMBLE E.A.1 H/M.S. VERNON . Medals about very fine and better,on pin for wearing, some contact wear. Alfred Grimble was born in Poplar,London in May 1886.An electrician, he enlisted in the Royal Navy in 1909. He served on a number of Ships and Shore establishments,all of his WW1 service being on H.M.S.Boadicea, which was present at Jutland.He served on H.M.S.Vernon,the Torpedo Establishment,on several occasion, his Long Service Medal being awarded in 1924.His papers were transferred in 1928..
1914/15 STAR TRIO AND GREEK MILITARY CROSS MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES GROUP OF FOUR TO CAPTAIN VYVYAN ARMY SERVICE CORPS 1914/15 Star trio,M.I.D.emblem on Victory Medal. 1914/15 Star named to: 2 LIEUT A.O'D C VYVYAN A.S.C. British War and Victory Medals,name to: CAPTA.O'D.C. YVYAN. Greek Military Cross,un-named. Captain Albert O'Donnell Colley Vyvyan was mentioned in Despatches on 03/06/1919. Greek Military Cross 3rd Class London Gazette: 03/10/1919. Arrived in Salonica on 26/11/1915.Served with the 595 Mounted Transport Coy. He lived at "Chislehurst,Woodland Road,Weston-Super-Mare. Medals about extremely fine,on original full length ribbons,the Greek Cross on stitched ribbon, as worn. For miniature group see item no: 51452
1914/15 STAR TRIO AND LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL TO GUNNER QUINN ROYAL MARINE ARTILLERY-SERVED ON H.M.S. MARLBOROUGH AT JUTLAND 1914/15 Star trio,named to: R.M.A. 9186 GR M QUINN Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,(George V) named to: R.M.A. 9186 MICHAEL QUINN GUNNER R.M.A. Medals very fine and better, mounted on pin for wearing. Michael Quinn was born in Tipperary,Ireland on 6th Feb 1880,and enlisted in the Royal Marine Artillery in 1900.He served on numerous shore establishments and Ships including Duke of Edinburgh,before transferring to Marlborough in 1914 and served the rest of WW1 in her,being present at Jutland.He was invalided in 1921-receiving a Jutland Bounty.Sold with copied papaers
1914/15 STAR TRIO NUNN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY 1915/15 Star Trio named to: 12884 PTE C.NUNN YORKS L.I. Arrived in France 26/08/1915 entitles to a SWB. Medals about Extremely fine,no ribbons.
1914/15 STAR TRIO OWEN-EAST SURREY REGIMENT 1914/15 Star trio named to: L5934 PTE.S.OWEN EAST SURREY REGIMENT. Arrived in France: 19/01/1915. Medals about good very fine,mounted on pin for wearing.
1914/15 STAR TRIO PTE J.J.SMITH BERKSHIRE REGT 1914/15 Star trio,named to: 11017 SJT J.J.SMITH R BERKS R Arrived in France 07/08/1915. Medals good very fine or better,comes with wearing bar(2 medals loose on bar) copied M.I.C.
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO ABBS NORFOLK REGIMENT 1914/15 Star trio,named to: 12792 PTE J ABBS NORF R. Medals about good very fine. Arrived in France on 13/05/1915. M.I.C shows further service with the Essex Regiment
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO AYLING-22ND (KENSINGTON BTN) ROYAL FUSILIERS- KILLED IN ACTION 14/07/1916 1914/15 Star Trio,named to: 937 L SJT G.P.AYLING R.FUS.( K 937 SJT.G.P.AYLING R.FUS on pair) 937 Sergeant George Percy Ayling 22nd Btn., Royal Fusiliers was killed in action on 14/07/1916.He was born at Notting Hill,enlisted at Fulham and lived at Paddington.He is buried at the Zouave Valley Cemetery,Souchez. Medals are about good very fine,on full-length original silk ribbons. Arrived in France 26/11/2017.Sold with copied M.I.C.etc.
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO WHITE-W/01 ROYAL ARMY ORDNANCE CORPS-WITH ORIGINAL DRAWING AND PAPERS 1914/15 Star trio,named to: 01646 SJT.J.B.WHITE A.O.C.(Star) 01646 T.W.O.CL1. J.B.WHITE A.O.C.(Scarce rank) Sold with original transfer to reserve certificate,as a Sub-Conducter.Demobilization Account,his will,leaving his estate to his Wife.and most interestingly, a pencil drawing, signed Bert White,entitled "The Retreat" a View from my dug-out. Medals about good very fine, but Star and Victory a little stained BWM dark toned,on original silk ribbons. Interesting lot
1914/15 STAR TRIO TO WILSON-8TH BATTALION SUFFOLK REGIMENT-KILLED IN ACTION14/07/1916-FROM SOMERLEYTON,SUFFOLK- 1914/15 Star trio named to: 14350 PTE.H.WILSON SUFFOLK REGT. Horace Wilson 14350 8th Battalion Suffolk Regiment was killed in Action on 14/07/1916.He was born at Somerleyton,Suffolk,and enlisted at Lowestoft,Suffolk.He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial.In the 1911 census he is listed as a Farm Labourer,living at the Green,Somerleyton,Suffolk. Medals are about good very fine,the victory Medal a little tarnished.
1914/15 STAR TRIO WITH EDWARD VII LONG SERVICE MEDAL TO HICKS, H.M.S.BLENHEIM 1914/15 Star Trio named to: 2792153 T HICKS CH.STO.R.N. Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(Edward VII) named to: 279153 THOMAS HICKS ACTG CH.STO.H.M.S.BLENHEIM. Thomas Hicks was born in 1875,at Smarden,Near Ashford,Kent,and entered the Royal Navy on 14th February 1895.He served on the following Ships: Pembroke,Wildfire,Wye,Penguin,Duke of Wellington,Kent,Leander,Tyne, Blake,Blenheim,Minerva,Jupiter,Vengeance and finally Vivid II. He was invalided in October 1915 suffering with chronic pneumonia,and is on the roll for the silver war badge,no.509. Medals about good very fine to extremely fine.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-AND BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE-SMITH NORTHAMPTON REGIMENT FROM WITTON-NORTH WALSHAM NORFOLK 1914/15 Star trio and Bronze Memorial Plaque, named to: HERBERT WILLIAM SMITH-18597 PTE.H. W. SMITH. NORTH'N. R. 18597 Pte.Herbert William Smith 7th Btn., Northampton Regiment died of wounds on 2nd February 1916 aged 19 years.He was the Son of Mr.and Mrs R.Smith, of Witton,North Walsham, Norfolk.He is buried at tjhe Boulogne Eastern Cemetery.He is also on the Witton, North Walsham Memorial,one of only ten names. Medals and plaque about good very fine,medals mounted swing style for display.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-BARBER-ARMY VETERINARY CORPS 1914/15 Star Trio,named to: SE 8170 PTE.G.W.BARBER A.V.C. Arrived in France: 16/09/1915 Medals about very fine, mounted on pin,as worn. Copy of M.I.C.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-IVES SUFFOLK REGIMENT-LATER SERVED WITH THE MACHINE GUN CORPS 1914/15 Star trio,named to: 9418 PTE W. IVES. SUFF. R Medals about very fine and better,on short pieces of original ribbon. Arrived in France on 30/05/1915. Medal index card shows service with the Machine Gun Corps. Copy M.I.C supplied with group
1914/15 STAR TRIO-JOHNSON-ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE 1914/15 Star Trio, named to: E.S.1774 C.M.JOHNSON ENGN.R.N.R. Medals about extremely fine, on full length original silk ribbons. Charles Martin Johnson,born 1882 Hull, Yorkshire
1914/15 STAR TRIO-LONG SERVICE MEDAL TO TALYOR-H.M.S.JULIUS 1914/15 Star trio, named to: 307057 J.TAYLOR ACT.MECH R.N.(MECH on pair) Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, named to: 307057JAMES TAYLOR MECHN H.M.S.JULIUS.(Harbour Craft base at Constantinople) James Taylor was born on 02/04/1882 at South Tayock Dunn, Forfar,Occupation given as Ploughman. He joined the Royal Navy in August, 1904.He served on numerous Ships and Shore establishments, including: ACHERON/PEMBROKE/LONDON/JASON/OSCAR/INDOMITABLE/ IMPLACABLE/TYNE/COMMONWEALTH/LORD NELSON/E/KING EDWARD/CRESSY/CAESAR/ST.GEORGE/EUROPA/JULIUS/VICTORY/RALEIGHCALCUTTA/DARTMOUTH and CONSTANCE. Shore pensioned August 1926.Medal traced 03/11/19. Mechanician scarce rank,equal to Stoker Petty Officer Medals about very fine or better,mounted on card for display,comes with large size Naval Papers.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-LT TOCHER SERVED SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS AND ROYAL AIR FORCE-PAPERS STATE AWARDED MILITARY CROSS,BUT UNCONFIRMED-TRAINED AS KITE BALLOON SECTION OBSERVER 1914 15 Star trio,named to: 3238 PTE J TOCHER SEA.HIGHRS(Star) British War and Victory Medals named to: LIEUT J TOCHER R.A.F. Medals about good very fine, on original ribbons. Listed as wounded,gunshot wound right knee,when serving in the Seaforths Commissioned 07/01/1916,Transferred to R.F.C. F/O (observer) To Ball Tug Depot for inst as observer with Kite Balloon Section. Dispersed from 1 Ball Trg Sch 11/01/1919 Transferred to the unemployed list 14/1/1919 Papers state awarded Military Cross,(17/11/1918) but this is unconfirmed,as no trace found in any of the published records. Interesting group, worthy of further research
1914/15 STAR TRIO-LUCAS FIREMAN-MERCANTILE FLEET AUXILIARY 1914/15 Star trio, named to: W.LUCAS FMN.,M.F.A Medals are extremely fine,with original box for the 1914/15 Star(A/F)-no ribbons. William Lucas on the Medal roll as serving on "Ellida"-A hired Yacht. Sold with copied Medal Roll.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-MATTHEWS 15TH HUSSARS 1914/15 Star trio,named to: 6022 Pte.H.A.Matthews 15-Hussars. Arrived in France 19-5-1915. Later Service with the R.F.A. Medals about good very fine,mounted on wearing pin
1914/15 STAR TRIO-MEMORIAL PLAQUE-CAMPBELL MIDDLESEX REGIMENT-KILLED IN ACTION 26/09/1916-DOUBLE V.C. ACTION Bronze Memorial Plaque-WILLIAM CAMPBELL 1914/15 Star trio, named to: G2207 W.CAMPBELL,MIDD'X.R. G-2207 Private William Campbell,12th Bn., Middlesex Regiment,was killed in action on 26th September 1916.He was born,and enlisted at Holburn, Middelesex,and is commemorated on the Thiepval memorial. Privates Edwards and Ryder of the of the 12th Middlesex were awarded the Victoria Cross for this action. Medals and plaque about extremely fine, star has been very nicely gilded. Comes with extensive research,etc.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-PLUS SCHOOL MEDAL,DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY 1914/15 Star Trio, named to: 10481 PTE.F.HARRIS.DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY. Medals about good very fine,on full length original ribbons. Comes with attractive Walthamstow School Board Medal named to: Frederick Harris,1903. Arrived in Asiatic Theatre (5i) Landekai Ridge?- 21/08/1915
1914/15 STAR TRIO-PTE NEW-ARMY VETERINARY CORPS 1914/15 Star trio. Named to: 2942 PTE.E.W. NEW A.V.C. Obverse of BWM pitted
1914/15 STAR TRIO-TO HALL LEICESTERSHIRE REGIMENT 1914/15 Star Trio,named to: 2513 PTE R HALL LEIC R. Medals about good very fine,star slightly stained.
1914/15 STAR TRIO-TO LARKMAN-SERVED WITH COUNTY OF LONDON BATTERY-TF-ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY 1914/15 Star trio,named to: 1446 GNR F C LARKMAN R.F.A.(R.A.on pair) Medals extremely fine,on full length original ribbons. M.I.C. shows also served as 930534 ( County of London Howitzer Batteries) Arrived in France on 04/10/1915
1914/15 STAR TRIO-WINTON YORKSHIRE REGIMENT 1914/15 Star trio. Named to: 14954 PTE. E.WINTON YORK R. Arrived in France: 09/09/1915. Medals about very fine or better,mounted on wearing pin
1914/15 STAR-BENWELL ARMY SERVICE CORPS 1914/15 Star named to: SS 16001 H.BENWELL A.S.C. Star about very fine,slightly pitted, no ribbon.
1914/15 STAR-CALLABY ROYAL ARMY VETERINARY CORPS 1914/15 Star, named to: SE4043 PTE. E.G.CALLABY A.V.C. Medal about very fine, on modern ribbon
1914/15 STAR-KNIGHT-ROYAL GARRISON ARTILLERY 1914/15 Star,named to: 5142 GNR. J. H. KNIGHT R.G.A. Medal is about very fine, on frayed piece of ribbon
1914/15 STAR-RICHMOND ROYAL NAVY RESERVE 1914/15 Star,named to: SA 1494 F. RICHMOND 2.HD. R.N.R. Medal is about good very fine, on modern piece of ribbon
1914/15 STAR-SURGEON COMMANDER BARFORD-ROYAL NAVY-THE YOUNGEST SURGEON COMMANDER AT THE END OF WW1 1914/15 Star, named to: ST SURG J.L.BARFORD R.N.(Staff Surgeon,executive rank of Commander) James Leslie Barford was born on 25/01/1885. He qualified as M.R.C.S.,L.R.C.P.,in 1905,and immediately entered the Royal Navy,in which he served until 1919.Main Royal Navy papers not found, he was attached to the a Lt.Surgeon,and was serving at Mudros repairs base.At the end of the war, Barford was the youngest Commander Surgeon in the service..Upon leaving the Royal Navy, he joined the Merchant Navy,serving with P and O line,and travelling to most parts of the world.Later he became interested in mental health,and worked at Hospitals in Lincoln,and Ipswich.During the Second World War he was medical officer to the the Surrey County Council Civil Defence organisation,to which he devoted characteristic enthusiasm and ingenuity in planning and first aid.In 1946 he spent nine months in the Antartic,with the first post-war Whaling expedition to leave this country,as medical officer to S.S.Southern Venturer,and carried out much research into the collection, and large scale maunufacture of glandular products.On his return, his desire for adventure reasserted itself, and he joined the the Post Office Telegraph dept as medical officer on H.M.Telegraph Ship Alert, and later on H.M.T.S.Monarch. He died on 29/11/1950.A full Obituary can be found in the British Medical Journal, Medal about good very fine, a few areas of staining. Interesting recipient, and worthy of further research.
1953 CORONATION MEDAL 1953 Coronation Medal. About good very fine,and toned,on original ribbon
3-CLASP EGYPT MEDAL TO EVANS 6/1 SCOTTISH DIVISION ROYAL ARTILLERY Egypt Medal, dated 1882, clasps: SUAKIN 1884/EL-TEB-TAMAAI/ SUAKIN 1885.Named to: 2538 GUNR R EVANS 6/1ST SCO DIV R A (Naming from end of SCO to R A mostly obliterated through contact with star.) All clasps confirmed on roll,Medal about very fine, but obverse has wear from contact with star
A FINE AND SCARCE MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL GROUP OF FOUR TO HALLS- ROYAL INNISKILLING FUSILIERS 1914/15 Star Trio,Star named: 17935 C.Q.M.SJT.F.L.HALLS. R.INNIS. FUS. British War and Victory Medals named to: 17935 C.SJT.F.HALLS R.INNIS.FUS..Meritorious Service Medal,(George V) named to: 17935 C.Q.M.SJT. F.L.HALLS 8/ R.INNIS FUS. M.S.M.London Gazette 18/01/1919 (Dover) Medals about good very fine or better. Comes with Soldiers small book,third and second class Education certificates,whilst serving with the 2/Suffolk Regiment,discharge certificate,and a superb photograph of Halls on his wedding day,with his wife, Alice. Francis Lancelot Halls was born in 1887 in the parish of St.Johns,March,Cambridgeshire.He enlisted at March,Cmbridgeshire on the 16th March,1903 into the Suffolk Regiment,aged 15 years 5 months as a boy soldier,sometime transferring to The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.His discharge certificate also states service with the Military Foot Police.He arrived in the Balkans on 11/07/1915.He was discharged on 2nd October,1920.Also comes with copied M.I.C.,London Gazette,etc.
A FINE BRITISH EMPIRE MEDAL AND MENTIONED IN DISPATCHES GROUP OF FIVE TO PARRIS-ROYAL CORPS OF SIGNALS British Empire Medal (George VI ) Named to: SGT ROBERT H PARRIS R.C.S. 1939/45 Star,Africa Star with 8th Army clasp,Italy Star,1939-45 War Medal, with Mentioned in dispatches oakleaf. M.I.D.; London Gazette 24th August,1944 for Italy B.E.M.; London Gazette: 13th December 1945 No 2320133 Sergeant Robert Henry Charles Parris,Royal Corps of Signals (Greenford) Recommendation: 8th Army Signals Parris Robert Henry. "Sgt Parris has been Section Serjeant of no 3 Signals Security Section for the last three years, during which he has devoted all his spare time to the standard of efficiency and welfare of his men.In the course of his duties he has handled top secret messages obtained from line and radio monitoring,and has shown himself to be completely trustworthy. On many occasions Sgt Parris has been in charge of intercept detachments in forward areas and has carried out his operational and administrative duties in a manner beyond praise;his exceptional organising abilities and constant cheerfulness have always ensured the efficiency of the men under him. During the operations from 9 April to 3 May 45, Sjt. Parris continued as in the many previous operations he has been through and had the extreme satisfaction of seeing his section function smoothly and efficiently under very trying conditions: a result due mainly to his own personal efforts". Group comes with following original items: Original photo of Parris Original M.I.D.Certificate (some foxing) original Buckingham Palace letter from the King Medal slip, showing entitlement to 6 awards Original Medal box, Addressed to: Mr R H PARRIS 202 The heights Northholt Park Middlesex. Ribbon bar for the Africa and Italy Stars Two additional small M.I.D.Emblems.-for wear with ribbon bar A super original lot
A SCARCE DOUBLE CASUALTY QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-TO JONES-DRISCOLL'S SCOUTS-DANGEROUSLY WOUNDED NEAR KLERKSDORP 1901-ALSO WOUNDED SERVING WITH THE COMMANDER IN CHIEFS BODYGUARD AT REITZ Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL.Named to: 295 tpr:E.L.JONES DRISCOLL'S SCTS. Medal about very fine,with one small e/nick Dangerously wounded near Klerksdorp 7th July 1901. Attestation papers dated 02/06/1901 distinctive marks shown as "Bullet Marks left arm and chest" His papers show previous service with The Commander in Chiefs Bodyguard,and was also wounded whilst serving with this unt at Reitz on 03/01/01 Sold with copied Attestation and Discharge cert's-Cape Colony clasp not confirmed.
A SCARCE QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-SIX BATTLE CLASPS-TO WHILLIER WELSH REGIMENT-ALSO SERVED WW1 -AWARDED MENTION IN DESPATCHES AND M.S.M. Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: REL OF KIMBERLEY/PAARDEBERG/DRIEFINTEIN/JOHANNESBURG/DIAMOND HILL/BELFAST named to: 3411 PTE E WHILLIER WELSH REGT. Medal about good very fine, with a little contact wear. Edward Ellis Whillier was born in Croydon, Surrey.He attested for the Welsh Regiment on the 5th April 1892, aged 19 years, trade given as Pawnbroker's Assistant.He was discharged in 1904 upon termination of term of engagement.He attested for the Royal Scots Regiment on 30/08/1914.He served as 3873 and appointed Sergeant.He was mentioned in despatches on 22/05/1915,and was also awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.(London Gazette 17th June 1918)He died in 1965 His very extensive papers are available online-WW1 in the burnt series-pension documents,etc. Clasps all confirmed on roll
AFGHANISTAN 1919 GROUP TO CAPTAIN BUTT SUPPLY AND TRANSPORT CORPS-POSSIBLY ATTACHED 25TH LONDON REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals,named to: LIEUT H BUTT India General Service Medal(1908) clasp: AFGHANISTAN N.W.F.1919 Named to: CAPTN H BUTT S&T CORPS. Indian Army Reserve of Officers. Medals extremely fine. The Army list of December 19th 1916 lists a 2nd Lt H Butt serving with the Middlesex Regt,and the Army list of 1919 lists 2nd Lt A BUTT attached to the 25th London Regt-who incidentally served in India Worthy of further research. Lived at Treleigh,Wise,Newquay,Cornwall.
AFGHANISTAN MEDAL NO CLASP -SEPOY JAHICO MAHDA 4TH GOORKA REGT Afghanistan Medal no clasp, named to: SEPOY JOHICO MAHDA ? About fine, edge pitted, and naming complete, but indistinct
AFGHANISTAN MEDAL-AHMED KHEL AND KANDAHAR-PERCIVAL 60TH FOOT Afghanistan Medal,clasps: AHMED KHEL/KANDAHAR Medal named to: 2067 PTE C PERCIVAL 2/60TH FOOT. Medal about nearly very fine,has a few marks on obverse from contact with Kabul to Kandahar Star. Confirmed on roll.
AFGHANISTAN MEDAL-CLASP AHMED KHEL-LOWERY 59TH FOOT Afghanistan Medal, clasp: AHMED KHELL Named to: 1230 PTE. R. LOWRY 59TH FOOT. Medal about good very fine,correctly engraved naming
AFGHANISTAN MEDAL-CLASP ALI MUSJID-SMEED- DRUM MAJOR-81ST FOOT Afghanistan Medal,1878-79-80 Named to: 12BDE 586 DR MAJR W C SMEED 81ST FOOT. Medal about very fine,a few marks on obverse. Confirmed on roll-William Champion Smeed
AFGHANISTAN MEDAL-ROYAL GIBRALTAR REGT-RARE ON THE MARKET Afganistan Medal, clasp AFGHANISTAN Named to: PTE.B SPENCER R. GIBRALTAR GR/8884 Medal is extremely fine,court mounted on pin for wearing. There is an image available of Pte.Brett Spencer after receiving his Medal from the Governor of Gibraltar. Please note: very fiew members of the Gibraltar Regt.Received the O.S.M.,and as such is rare on the market.
AFGHANISTAN NO CLASP-WEBBER 72ND HIGHLANDERS Afghanistan 1878-79-80 no clasp.Named to: 58.B/2581 PTE T.WEBBER 72nd HIGHrs. Medal is about good very fine Comes with old copied muster rolls etc.
AFGHANISTAN-L.S.G.C. BANDMASTER -BLANE-RIFLE BRIGADE TRANSFERRED TO THE SUFFOLK REGIMENT Afghanistan Medal 1877-78-89 Clasp: ALI MUSJID Named to: 2447 PTE J G BLANE 4TH RIFLE BDE Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(Victoria small letter) 2470 SERGT J G BLANE SUFF R(Engraved naming) Medals about very fine, Afghan Medal has slight contact wear. James George Blane was born in Northampton, and enlisted in the Rifle Brigade in 1872 aged 14 years, 7 Months.Appointed Bandsman 1878, He transferred to the Suffolk Regiment, and was discharged in 1908, and was then living at 49 Will Road Cambridge.He was re-engaged for home service in WW1.He is mentioned in the History of the 4th Btn Suffolk Regiment,as Bandmaster Blane when the Colours of the 4th Btn were placed in thre Cathedral at Ely. He is also listed in the 1911 census as Army Pensioner Bandmaster.L.S.G.C. Medal awarded 01/04/1891 (Depot) A real Long-Service Group!
AFRICA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL TO SMITH H.M.S. PROSPERINE Africa General Service Medal,clasp: SOMALILAND 1908-10. Named to: K757 J SMITH STO1CL H.M.S. PROSPERINE. Medal about good very fine John Smith entered the Royal Navy in 1906.As wel as Prosperine,Smith served on a whole host of Ships and Sore bases.During WW1 he served on various ships including Lord Nelson,Ark Royal,Cornwallis and Monarch.From 06th September 1920 to 15th July 1924 he served with the New Zealand Navy.A note on his service record suggests his real name was Benjamin James Herring,and John Smith was an alias! Comes with copied papers,and photo of H.M.S. Prossperine.
AFRICA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP KENYA-ROCHE-ROYAL IRISH FUSILIERS Africa General Service Medal,clasp KENYA named to:23029500 FUS M.A.ROCHE R.I.F Medal about good very fine,dark toned.
AFRICA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-H.M.S. DIANA-AND LONG SERVICE MEDAL-H.M.S.VIVID-TO VINCER H.M.S. DIANA AND REGULATING PETTY OFFICER H.M.S.VIVID Africa General Service Medal, clasp: SOMALILAND 1908-10. Named to: 239839 G E VINCER ORD H M S DIANA. Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (George V ) Named to: 239839 G E VINCER R.P.O. H.M.S. VIVID. Medals about very fine,one e/bruise on A.G.S.with a little contact wear. Born Devon,occupation given as Farmer.Served n a multitude of Ships and shore establishments.WW1 service including H.M.S.Forsight,Dilligence (Marmaluke) and Resolution.His last ship before his papers were transferred noted as H.M.S.Bee (Cricket) in 1927.
AFRICA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-HALSTEAD-K.O.Y.L.I. Africa General Service Medal, clasp KENYA. Named to: 22868484 PTE.L.HALSTEAD K.O.Y.L.I. Medal is nearly extremely fine
AN EARLY LONG SERVICE MEDAL TO WILLIAM DIGBY-SCHOOLMASTER- 54TH FOOT-ENLISTED AT 10 YEARS OF AGE! Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Victoria Large letter Reverse) Named to:SCHOOLMASTER SERGEANT WILLIAM DIGBY 54TH REGIMENT. Medal about good very fine, ribbon bar replaced by a watch chain bar. Born 1817 Huddersfield, Yorkshire,attested for the 54th Foot at Madras on 30th May 1826. Under age 30/05/1826-31/12 1828 Boy 1 January 1829-29/051831 Private 30/05/1831-31/03/1832 Drummer 1/10/1832-31/03/1836 Pte.01/04/1836-29/02/1840 Cpl 01/031840-31/01/1841 S/Master Sergeant 01/02/1841-01/08/1855. He served East Indies for 6 years/Gibraltar/Malta/West Indies and North America. He enlisted at Headquarters by Authority of the Commander in Chief,India,30th May 1826 and served in Captain Barboulds company. His Father William Digby is on the Waterloo Medal roll for the 54th foot,and died in service on the 3rd November, 1826,so he may have been "taken into care " by the Regiment and enlisted under age..He was discharged on 21st August 1855 with Rheumatism. Comes with large size copied papers,the attestation papers being hand-written Ex Glendinings 1993.An interesting and scarce Medal worthy of further research
AN INTRIGUING SIX BATTLE CLASP QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL TO INGRAM COLDSTREAM GUARDS-MORTALLY WOUNDED AT MARGERSFONTEIN Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: BELMONT/MODDER RIVER/PAARDEBURG/JOHANNESBURG/DIAMOND HILL/BELFAST. Named to: 1094 PTE W INGRAM CLDSTM GDS. Medal is good extremely fine. 1094 Private W Ingram Coldstream Guards was wounded at Magersfontein on 11 December 1899,and noted on Medal Roll as dying of wounds on the 14th December 1899. Only entitled to the first two clasps,however the Medal looks as issued. Interestingly, Forces War records notes that all clasps were issued, but only entitled to Belmont and Modder River.
ANCIENT AND HONOURABLE ARTILLERY CO.1638-1963-AND THE VISIT OF THE H.A.C.OF LONDON COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL Bronze Medal Ancient and Honourable Artillery Co.1638-1963 Medal. Reverse: Commemorating the Anniversary Of The Ancient And Honourable Artillery Company 1638-1963.And the visitation of the Honourable Artillery Company Of London 1537-1963. On Ribbon,about Extremely fine
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-CORNELIUS SULLIVAN 74TH REGT Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal( Victoria small letters) Named to: 3828 CORNS SULLIVAN 74TH REGT.( Impressed naming) Cornelius Sullivan was born in Douglas, County Cork and joined the 20th Regiment of foot in 1839.He was discharged in 1860 having completed 21 years service. Medal is about good very fine, and toned.
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-HARDY-IST BATTALION COLDSTREAM GUARDS Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Victoria S/L ) Named to: 5180 COLOR SERGT A HARDY 1ST BN COLDSTM GUARDS. Medal about very fine,impressed in capitals Indian Mutiny style. Reverse has a flaw,probably caused by rusty reverse die
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-MOORE ROYAL TANK REGIMENT Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,(Elizabeth II) CLASP: REGULAR ARMY.Named to: 22297532 SGT.A.C.MOORE R.T.R. Medal extremely fine,e/nick Medal awarded 27/11/1967
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-PEARCE ROYAL ENGINEERS Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Elizabeth II DEI GRA) Named to: 22306747 W.O.CL 2 L.PEARCE RE Medal extremely fine,on original ribbon
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-TO HOAR-COAST BRIGADE ROYAL ARTILLERY Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Victoria) small letter reverse. Named to: 28995 GUNR F HOAR 10TH DIV CST BDE R.A,( engraved naming). Medal about good very fine. Frederick Hoar was born in 1851, in Droxford, Botley, Hampshire. He attested for the Royal Artillery in 1871.He was awarded his Long Service and Good Conduct Medal in 1889,and discharged in 1889
ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-VICTORIA-TO MALKIN 1/4TH FOOT Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(Victoria, small letter reverse) named to: 227 SERGT G MALKIN 1-4TH FOOT Medal about very fine,reverse contact marked. George Malkin attested for the 1-4th Foot in 1858, aged 19 years,having previously served in the Surrey Militia.. He served in India, Abyssinia,Gibraltar and Jamaica. He was discharged in 1880 Entitled to the Abyssinia Medal
ARMY OF INDIA MEDAL-MAHEIDPOOR -GUNNER JOHN O'BRYAN ARTILLERY Army Of India Medal,clasp MAHEIDPOOR Named to: GUNNER JOHN O'BRYAN ARTY.(Correct impressed naming. Extremely fine and nicely toned,edge bruise, and a few vertical lines on edge. Confirmed on roll, only 75 Maheidpoor clasps issued
B.WM./VICTORY PAIR-KAHLER-NORFOLK REGIMENT BWM/VICTORY MEDAL pair named to: 37004 Pte.R.Khaler Norfolk Regt. About Good Very Fine,both Medals have a small edge bruise
BALTIC MEDAL-1854-56 Baltic Medal, 1854-56 Medal about good very fine,with a couple of small e/nicks and toned, but suspension post replaced by screw and nut to hold suspension A cheap example
BOARD OF TRADE ROCKET APPARATUS PROOF OF SERVICE AT WRECK TOKEN Board Of Trade Rocket Apparatus Proof Of Service at a wreck Medal/Token 366mm diameter,bronze. Obverse has the Victorian Crown,Reverse attractive three-masted Sailing ship. 3,000 of these tokens were struck by the Royal Mint in 1877 and distributed to Coastguard Stations, 25 of each being delivered to each station.1,000 more were produced and distributed in 1883. These tokens were issued to participants who helped or assisted at a rescue,as a "token" payment as proof of their service. The tokens were then redeemed for the appropriate fee for the rescue,at a later date. Fee for a call-out 2/6d Fee for attending a wreck 5/- Fee for Saving a life 1. This example is in extremely fine or better condition with some original colour remaining.
BOER WAR AND 1906 NATAL REBELLION PAIR TO BOWEN -SOUTH AFRICAN CONSTABULARY AND NATAL RANGERS Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902. Named to: 2081 TPR W BOWEN S.A.C. Natal Rebellion 1906 Medal,clasp NATAL 1906 Named to: PTE W BOWEN NATAL RANGERS. Medals about good very fine,mounted on pin for wearing-ribbons unattached at rear. Clasps confirmed on rolls, copies of which are included with group
BOER WAR PAIR TO BULL ROYAL ENGINEERS Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/PAARDEBURG/DRIEFONTEIN/JOHANNESBURG. Named to: 24501 DR.G.BULL.R.E. Queens South Africa Medal,(Clear Ghost dates) clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902.Named to: 24501 DVR G BULL R.E. Medals good very fine or bette,engraved naming on Q.S.A. George Bull was born in Bath Somerset,a Quarryman and Stone Mason by trade.He attested for the Royal Engineers in 1895.Also served WW1-full set of papers available online.Clasps confirmed on roll and papers.Bull died in 1943
BOER WAR PAIR TO BUTCHER-ESSEX REGIMENT-WOUNDED AT DRIFONTEIN Queens South Africa,clasps: RELIEF OF KIMBERLEY/PAARDEBERG/DRIEFONTEIN/TRANSVAAL. Named to:4184 PTE A BUTCHER 1ST ESSEX REGT. Kings South Africa Medal, clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/ SOUTH AFRICA 1902.Named to: 4184 PTE A.BUTCHER ESSEX REGT. Medals about good very fine. Wounded at Driefontein on 10 March 1900 Private Arthur Butcher was born at Stratford, Essex in 1876,He attested for the Essex Regiment on 13th April 1894.He was court martialed for being drunk and quitting his piquet whilst on outpost duty in 1901-reduced to the ranks and forfeited confirmed on papers.
BOER WAR PAIR TO HARROWELL-74TH BATTERY ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY Queens South Africa Medal,(Ghost dates)clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/JOHANNESBURG.Named to: 83905 GNR W HARROWELL,74TH BTY., R.F.A. Kings South Africa Medal,clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902.Named to: 83906 GNR: W HARROWELL.R.F.A. Medals about good very fine and toned,on original ribbons. The 74th Battery R.F.A. lost two guns at Stormberg. William Harrowell was born at Tring, Hertfordshire,He attested for the Artillery on 28th February 1891.He served in India and South Africa,and was discharged in 1908.Clasps confirmed on roll.Full set of papers available online.
BOER WAR PAIR TO WILLIAMS WELSH REGIMENT-WOUNDED AT DRIEFONTEIN Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: RELIEF OF KIMBERLEY/PAARDEBERG/DRIEFONTEIN/TRANSVAAL.Named to: 5758 PTE,. T WILLIAMS WELSH REGT Kings South Africa Medal,clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902.Named to: 5758 PTE F WILLIAMS WELSH REGT. Wounded at Driefontein 10 March 1900 Medals about good very fine,on original ribbons,mounted on bar for wearing.
BRASS TOKEN/MEDALLET- REVIEW OF THE EASTERN COUNTIES VOLUNTEERS-GREAT YARMOUTH 1862 Brass Token/Medalet In Commemoration of the Review of the Eastern Counties Volunteers. At Great Yarmouth 19th June 1862. 22 mm holed for wearing on watch chain
BRITISH AND VICTORY MEDALS-WOOD-MIDDLESEX REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals, named to: G-89597 SJT J H WOOD MIDD'X R Medals about very fine, victory has spot of verdigris,on short pieces of original ribbon
BRITISH EMPIRE MEDAL-MISS CLAIRE MARY BEATRICE BRIDCUTT British Empire Medal (EIIR) Named to: MISS CLAIRE MARY BEATRICE BRIDCUTT in Ladies box of issue. Medal Extremely fine,box in good order London Gazette 31st December 1990: Miss Claire Mary Beatrice Bridcutt,Personal Assistant to the Chairman and General Manager,Lancashire Family Practitioner Committee.
BRITISH EMPIRE MEDAL-WILLIAM GEORGE SCOWEN British Empire Medal (EIIR) Named to: WILLIAM GEORGE SCOWAN Medal about extremely fine,in original Royal Mint box of issue. London Gazette 2nd January 1956 ; William George Scowan,Fitters Mate,South Eastern Division,Central Electricity Authority(Folkstone)
BRITISH NORTH BORNEO COMPANY'S MEDAL-1888-1916-PUNITIVE EXPEDITIONS British Borneo Company's Medal 1888-1916 Bronze issue Clasp PUNITIVE EXPEDITIONS. Struck by Spink and Son, marked "copy" on edge. Extremely fine, verdigris spot on suspension,which is slightly twisted.
BRITISH NORTH BORNEO MEDAL 1900-CLASP TAMBUNAN British North Borneo Medal 1899-1900 clasp TAMBUNAN.Bronze issue Medal struck by Spink and Son,marked "copy" on edge. Extremely fine
BRITISH RED CROSS SOCIETY MEDAL FOR WAR SERVICE 1914-1918 British Red Cross Society Medal, awarded for War Service 1914-1918. Awarded to members who had served for one year or more, but did not receive any WW1 Medals. Medal about extremely fine, on original ribbon and pin.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDAL PAIR-CHALMERS -ROYAL SCOTS British War Medal,Victory Medal nAmed to: 23943 PTE.A.P.CHALMERS R.SCOTS(scottish Rifles) M.I.C.shows further service with The Labour Corps and 15/London Regt. Medals about extremely fine,on short pieces of ribbon
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDAL TO MELVILLE-NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS-DIED OF WOUNDS SERVING WITH THE RIFLE BRIGADE-FROM BYKER-NORTHUMBERLAND British War and Victory Medals, named to: 291827 PTE.D.MELVIN NORTH'D FUS. Medals good very fine or better, the Victory Medal a little stained,on original ribbons und individual brooch suspension. 45355 Lance Corporal David Melvin The Rifle Brigade, Died Of Wounds on 29th August 1918,aged 35.He was born in Byker, Northumberland, and enlisted at Newcastle-on-Tyne.He was the Son of David and Mary H.Melvin of 112,Cumber Street,Newcastle-on Tyne.He is buried at the Bac-Du-Sud British Cemetery,Bailleulval.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS -WEEDON-23 LOND. R. British War and Victory Medals, named to: 702097PTE A J WEEDON 23-LOND R Medals about good very fine, Victory Medal a little stained. Entitled to Silver Discharge Badge. Comes with copied M.I.C. etc
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS 2-LIEUT E.L.SMITH-SOUTH LANCS British War and Victory Medals Named to: 2-LIEUT E.L.SMITH Only one 2-LIEUT E.L.SMITH on the M.I.C's is to Edward L.Smith served with the South Lancs,entitled to 1914/15 Star. The only other E.L.Smith is to:Lieut Edward L Smith 11th Leicester Regt. Medals extremely fine.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS AND BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE -TO OLIVER GEORGE LOCK-SOUTH WALES BORDERERS-COMES WITH A WONDERFUL ARCHIVE OF LETTERS,ETC British War and Victory Medal,Bronze Memorial Plaque to OLIVER GEORGE LOCK Medals named to: 27270 PTE O.G.LOCK S WALES BORD. Medals and Plaque are just about mint. Oliver George Lock, 27270 10th Bn., South Wales Borderers died of wounds on 29th August 1917,aged 20.The Son of George and Mary Jane Lock,of 7,Berw Road.,Llwynpia( Rhondda) Glam.Native of Tony-y-Pandy Glam.He was born and enlisted at Toypandy and lived at Llwynpia, Glam. He is buried at Dozinghem Military Cemetery. Also comes with the original medal box of issue with original silk ribbons,medal envelopes and registered letter The Kings letter, plaque envelope and original plaque postal envelope-this addressed to: Mr G Lock,7 berw Rd Glam. His original National Registration card,which gives his occupation as a hairdresser.with its original envelope. A photo of Lock in civilian dress, by Holburn of Bristol. The receipt letter for the British War and Victory Medals. Two silk postcards sent by George to his Brother,and a postcard "To my Soldier Son" A letter from George to his Sister,on Soldiers Christian Association letterhead. A letter to his Mother from his commanding Officer-Captain C H Morgan,offering his deepest sympathy, the original letter with censor stamp. A letter to his Mother from Rev W J Haward Chaplain, offering his deepest sympathies,and explaining that he was hit in the stomach by an enemy bullet on the 28th August ,and that he was conveyed by stretcher to the first aid post and on to hospital,where he died of wounds of 31st August. A letter of sympathy from Sister Baurier, of 61 Casualty Clearing Station,explaining how he was admitted with a severe wound,in his abdomen,and that he died the next day,and was buried at Dozingham Cemetery,and that he had good attention and every comfort and did not suffer much. A photo of his grave and a card from the Director of War Graves Registration. A letter From the War Office informing Mrs Lock where her Son was buried, and the original Army Form b104-82 informing the Family that Pte Lock had died at 61 Casualty Clearing Station,on the 29th August 1917, and had died of Wounds. A very poignant and original lot Note the same address as the next lot 51827
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO FUGE-MACHINE GUN CORPS-SERVED AS A PHOTOGRAPHER IN THE ROYAL FLYING CORPS AND R.A.F. British War and Victory Medals, named to: 42249 L.CPL E.FUGE M.G.C. Medals about good very fine. Royal Air Force papers note the following: Machine Gun Corps,France 09/02/16-4/02/18 Transferred to R.F.C. 04/02/1918.(127848) Air Archive AIR 1 204 51523 also shows that he was attached to the Royal Flying Corps in October 1917. Attached from 96th Machine Gun Corps Co. His Civilian occupation was a Photographer, and his trade classification is also listed as Photographer. Interesting pair-worthy of further research.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO HALL,ARMY VETERINARY CORPS British War and Victory Medals,named to: SE-23155 CPL.H.HALL A.V.C. Medals about good very fine,on original full-length ribbons.Comes with copied M.I.C.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS TO NELSON-SOUTH LANCS KILLED IN ACTION 23/10/1916 ON THE SOMME British War Medal/Victory Medal.Named to: 26085 PTE.H.W.NELSON S.LAN.R. Pte.Henry William Nelson,26085 7th Battalion South Lancs Regt;was Killed In Action 23/10/1916,aged 40.He was the Son of William Henry Nelson,of 51,Kingsland Rd.,Stamford Road.,Dalston,London.He was born at Hackney,Middlesex,lived at Dalston,Middlesex,and enlisted at London. He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial. Medals are about good very fine,on original full-length silk ribbons.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-2-LIEUT ABERNETHY-14TH LONDON AND 6TH ESSEX REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals,named to: 2-LIEUT D.ABERNETHY. Attested 14th London Rgt.09/12/1915-From Ilford,trade given as Export Clerk.Commissioned ino 6th Essex Regiment.Father was Scottish.Was wounded,(GSW Arm 11/05/1917) and wounded in knee 09/02/1917.Papers also state: Wounded twice,Neuve Chapelle Jan '17 and Arras, May '17, Joined London Scottish as an Officer Cadet 4th Jan 1918.Joined 6/Essex Regt on a permanent Commission 28 May, 1918. Medals extremely fine, mounted court-style. Comes with set of Officers'papers
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-2-LIEUT EDWARD JOSEPH PYKE-ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY PREVIOUSLY SERVED WITH THE ARTISTS RIFLES.LATER IN LIFE BECAME KNOWN AS THE FOREMOST EXPERT ON WAX MODELLING- AND AN AUTHOR British War and Victory Medal. Named to: 2-LIEUT E.J.PYKE. Edward Joseph Pyke was born in 1898,and joined the 28th London Regt (Artists Rifles) on 1/06/1916,his occupation given as student,having previously served in the OTC Wellington.He was commisioned into the R.F.A.on 20/02/1918. On the 21/10/1918,he was blown off his horse by a shell, which hospitalised him,and wounded his horse.He was admitted to the Red Cross hospital at Rouen. Edward Joseph Pyke continued his education, reading Engineering,and gaining an M.A. He then worked as an apprentice at Metro Vick in Trafford Park,and as an Engineer on the Cableship Silverfray,before becoming chief technical officer,and head of the estates the Royal Institute for the blind in 1925, where he remained until his retirement in 1963. He then began to research Wax Sculptures,His interest in the subject stemmed from inheriting his Fathers collection of wax sculptures in 1953. In 1973 the Oxford University Press published his research in "A biographical History Of Wax Modellers".He updated this work in 1981, and 1986,with three supplements, which he published privately.These publictions included details of work held in private and public collections worldwide. He donated a collection of Wax Models to the Victoria and Albert Museum,which also holds his records and papers. Comes with Officers papers,which includes his attestation papers for the Artists Rifles,plus his pension records, which mainly concern his claim for a pension following the incident where he was blown up by a shell. The imperial War Museum also hold a photo of Pyke,copy included. Medals about extremely fine. Interesting reipient.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-ANDREWS-MIDDLESEX REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals,named to: G-24010 PTE O W ANDREWS MIDD'X R Medals about good very fine,on short pieces of original silk ribbons
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-BARBER ROYAL AIR FORCE British War and Victory Medals, named to: 278133 PTE 2 S.J.L.BARBER R.A.F. Medals about good very fine, on original ribbons
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-BARNES ROYAL NAVAL VOLUNTEER RESERVE-FROM NORWICH British War and Victory Medals,named to: B Z 7293 C BARNES ORD R N V R (Bristol) Medals extremely fine,on new and original ribbons, mounted on card Cecil Barnes was born 19th April, 1900, at St Giles,Norwich,trade given as Boot Trade.Shore pensioned 15th Feb 1919.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-BENNETT MANCHESTER REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals, named to: 29704 PTE J BENNETT MANCH R Medals about good very fine,on replacement ribbons
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-BLOOMFIELD-NORFOLK REGIMENT-KILLED IN ACTION ON THE 5TH OCTOBER 1916-FROM NORWICH British War and Victory Medals, named to: 43559 PTE W.J.BLOOMFIELD NORF R, Medals extremely fine, on full length original silk ribbons. 43559 Lance Corporal William James Bloomfield 8th Bn.,Norfolk Regiment was killed in action on the 5th October 1916.He was born in the parish of St.Gregory, Norwich, and enlisted in Norwich.He is commemorated on the Thiepval memorial.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-BRADFORD RIFLE BRIGADE-KILLED IN ACTION 23 OCTOBER 1914 British War and Victory Medals, named to: 4521 E BRADFORD RIF BRIG Medals about good very fine, on original full-length ribbons. 4521 Pte.Amos Bradford 3rd Bn Rifle Brigade, was killed in action on 23 October 1914.The Son of Mrs Ada Marsh,of Ley Rd., Sketchworth Newmarket.He was born in, and enlisted in Newmarket.He is commemorated on the Ploegsteert Memorial, Hainalt, Belgium. Please note, incorrect initial on Medals-but the only Bradford on the M.I.C.'s with this number,so the engraver must have mis-read the Medal card. Also entitled to a 1914 Star
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE TO BESSEY MIDDLESEX REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals,named to: 6056 PTE. A. BESSEY. MIDD'X R. Bronze Memorial Plaque, named to: ALBERT BESSEY 40191 Private Albert Bessey 4th BN., Middlesex Regiment,died of wounds on the 21 April, 1917.The Son of Amelia Bessey,of 41,Princes Rd.,Lowestoft Suffolk,and te late Charles Bessey.He was born at Oulton,Suffolk and enlisted at Bury St.Edmunds.He is buried at the Etaples Military Cemetery. Medals are extremely fine, on original full-length silk ribbons Plaque in as issued condition.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE TO GORVETT-GLOUCESTER REGIMENT-KILLED IN ACTION ON 4TH SEPTEMBER 1916 British War and Victory Medals, Bronze Memorial Plaque,named to: HERBERT GORVETT, Medals named to: 26695 PTE H GORVETT GLOUC R. 26695 Lance Corporal Herbert Gorvett,10th Bn., Gloucester Regiment,was killed in action on 4th September,1916 aged 26.The Son of the late Samuel R Gorvett and Lucy Gorvett: husband of Florence Edith Gorvett of 7,Bere Rd., Llwynpya Glam South Wales.He was born in Bristol,and lived in To-y-pandy.He is commemorated on the Thiepval memorial. Medals and plaque are just about mint. Also comes with plaque paper and card envelopes, Kings letter,and casualty Medal receipt letter. Medal envelopes,and original box of issue,with original silk ribbons and registered envelope of posting. An original Gloucester Regiment silk postcard sent by Gorvett to his Mother, with the original tissue letter of posting. Two newspaper cuttings,with small photos of Gorvett,with obitiaries, and noting that Gorvett was a manual instructor with the Rhonda Education Committee. Nice original lot. Note the same address as the previous lot 51826
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-BUNTING BEDFORD REGIMENT-KILLED IN ACTION 02-APRIL 1918-FROM WARLEY ESSEX British War and Victory Medals,named to: 41851 PTE.L.V.BUNTING.BEDF R. Medals about good very fine, on original silk ribbons. 41851 Private Laurence Victor Bunting, was killed in Action on 02 April 1918.He was born and lived in Debden, Essex,and is buried at the Gommercourt British Cemetery,No 2,Hebuterne.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-CONDON-6TH LONDON REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals,named to: 5476 PTE J P CONDON 6-LOND R. Medals extremely fine,BWM toned,on small pieces of original ribbon
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-DYKE-ROYAL FUSILIERS British War and Victory Medals. Named to: GS-86209 PTE F E DYKE ROYAL FUSILIERS. Medals about extremely fine, toned,mounted on modern silk ribbons
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-EDWARDS-K.O.Y.L.I. British War and Victory Medals, named to: 204489 PTE.E.EDWARDS.K.O.Y.L.I. Medals about good very fine,on short pices of original silk ribbons
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-GIBBS DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY British War and Victory Medals,named to: 99384 PTE W S GIBBS DUR L I Medals about extremely fine and better. Comes with original Medal box and Medal envelopes,M.I.C.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-HIGH-ROYAL FUSILIERS British War and Victory Medals, named to: GS-57189 PTE A S HIGH R FUS Medals about very fine or better, on original short pieces of ribbon Comes with M.I.C.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-HORN MANCHESTER REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals,named to: 61352 PTE C HORN MANCH R Medal about extremely fine,on short pieces of original ribbon Mounted on card for display
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-HOWARD ARMY SERVICE CORPS British War and Victory Medals, named to: S4-161481 PTE W.S.HOWARD A.S.C. Medals about very fine, no ribbons
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-HUBBARD 2-LIEUT SUFFOLK REGIMENT KILLED IN ACTION 17/02/1917 British War and Victory Medals Named to: 2-LIEUT A.HUBBARD Second Lieutenant Alfred Hubbard 8th Btn., Suffolk Regiment,was killed in action on 17/02/1917. He is buried at the Regina Trench Cemetery,Grandcourt. Sold with copied research including account of the action in which he was killed-See Friend of the Suffolk Regiment."Operation Legacy" Entitled to a 1914/15 as 3756 Pte. Honourable Artillery Company. He was commissioned into the Suffolk Regiment on 31/07/1916. Medals about extremely fine,BWM toned,on original silk ribbons.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-JESSUP ROYAL ENGINEERS British War and Victory Medals,named to: 48695 PTE A J JESSUP R.E. Medals about good very fine, no ribbons. Also entitled to a 1914/15 Star,and SWB
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-JOHNSON-MANCHESTER REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals Named to: 47460 PTE H JOHNSON MANCH R Entitled to a SWB Medals about good very fine,on short pieces of original ribbon Mounted on card,supplied with copied M.I.C.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-KEDGE-QUEENS REGIMENT-KILLED IN ACTION 8TH JULY 1916 British War and Victory Medals,named to: G4148 PTE R KEDGE THE QUEEN'S R. Medals about good very fine, but BWM dark toned and Victory Medal stained. G4148 Pte Stanley Richard Kedge, 6th Btn.,The Queens (Royal West Surrey Regt)was killed in action on 8th July 1916, aged 21.He lived at Burgh Apton Norfolk, and enlisted at Norwich.He is commemorated on the Thiepval memorial.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-KINGS British War and Victory Medals,named to: 82170 PTE.J.W.KINGS DURH. L.I. Medals are extremely fine, on short lengths of original silk ribbon
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-LAWES NORFOLK REGIMENT-DISCHARGED-GUN SHOT WOUNDS TO SHOULDER AND JAW British War and Victory Medals. Named to: 29730 PTE C.F.LAWES. NORF Comes with M.I.C and War Badge roll which shows that Charles Frederick Lawes enlisted on 11/12/1915 and was discharged on 18/09/1917 due to gun-shot wounds,right shoulder and Jaw. Medals are in good very fine condition,and on full length original silk ribbons
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-MEMORIAL PLAQUE TO SYER-19TH LONDON REGIMENT(ST.PANCRAS RIFLES)-KILLED IN ACTION 29/09/1916 British War and Victory Medals, named to: 5992 PTE F SYER 19-LOND R Bronze Memorial Plaque, named to: FREDERICK SYER, Medals in origina with their original ribbons,l box of issue,and registered envelope,plaque in its original inner and outer envelope,with the Kings letter,and registered letter of posting,(Address has been torn off) Medals and Plaque extremely fine 5992 Private Frederick Syer 1st/19th London Regiment was killed in action on 29th September,1916.He lived in Vauxhall St.S.E.and enlisted at Lambeth.Had previously served with the Kings Royal Rifle Corps. He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial. A nice complete group.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-MURPHY-MIDDLESEX REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals,named to: G14912 PTE J MURPHY MIDD'X R Medals about very fine or better, a little toned and dull,on modern ribbons
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-NEWELL-ROYAL FUSILIERS British War and Victory Medals,named to: 16925 PTE W NEWELL R FUS. Medals about good very fine.Comes with M.I.C.,which shows further service with the Labour Corps.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-OVEL RIFLE BRIGADE British Ear and Victory Medals, named to: 51263 T OVEL RIF BRIG Medals about good very fine,on short pieces of ribbon.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-PERFECT R.A.F. British War and Victory Medals,named to: 40798 PTE. 1 J.PERFECT R.A.F. Medals good very fine, on original ribbons. John Perfect, born 1875-trade given as Carman.Joined Royal Flying Corps in 1916
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-ROSE- WEST RIDING REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals,named to: 34370 PTE A C ROSE W.RID. R. Medals about good very fine or better,on original silk ribbons. Comes with copied M.I.C.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-STRICKLAND-EAST KENT REGIMENT British War and Victory Medals,named to: 25675 PTE H A STRICKLAND E.KENT R Medals about very fine,BWM has small e/nick.On short lengths of original ribbon.Mounted on card.Comes with copied M.I.C.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-SYMONDS ROYAL FUSILIERS British War and Victory Medal, named to: GS-105608 PTE S SYMONDS R FUS Medals about good very fine,mounted on wearing bar
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-TO CARTER-NORFOLK REGIMENT-KILLED IN ACTION 24TH FEBRUARY 1917 British War and Victory Medals, named to: 22998 PTE.F.W.CARTER.NORF R, Medals about extremely fine, on original silk ribbons. 22998 Pte.Frederick William Carter,2nd Bn.,Norfolk Regiment, was killed in action on 24th February 1917 at Mesopotamia.He was born in Maidstone, Kent, and enlisted at Great Yarmouth.He is listed on the Bsra memorial.He is additionally listed on the Great Yarmouth War Memorial
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-UTTING ROYAL FUSILIERS British War and Victory Medals, named to; G-62333 PTE J B UTTING R FUS Medals about extremely fine, on small pieces of original ribbon. Comes with M.I.C.-which shows service with the R.A.O.C. Entitled to SWB-discharged 21-03 1919
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-WEBB-ROYAL FUSILIERS British War and Victory Medals, named to: 48200 PTE G H WEBB R FUS. Medals about good very fine,on short pieces of original ribbon. M.I.C.shows further service with the Royal West Kent R.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-WILLIAM RUSHWORTH HANSON-SERVED NORTH RUSSIA AND CEYLON PLANTERS RIFLE CORPS British War and Victory Medals, named to: 2-LIEUT W.R.HANSON. Medals extremely fine, on original silk ribbons William Rushworth Hanson was born at Wakefield, in 1887.He was educated at Halifax Technical College.He commenced a 5-year apprenticeship with Merrs Woodhouse and Mitchell, Ltd.,at Brighouse Yorks,makers of stationary steam engines,He then went to the United States in order to study American methods of production,and took charge of a section of the fitting and erecting shops of the Providence Engineering Engineering Works,Rhode Island. In 1912 he was appointed assistant engineer to the the Columbo Commercial Company,Ceylon, and was employed in the the design of Steel and reinforced concrete structures, bridges and aerial ropeways, and on the installation of Gas and and oil engines and tea and rubber machinery.At some point he enlisted with the Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps.He came to London to enlist with the R.A.S.C.He later became commanding officer of the mechanical transport section of the North Russian Expeditionary Force at Archangel and held the rank of Captain.He was also appointed Officer commanding the first Russian Automobile Division in Archangel. In 1919 he returned to Ceylon,rejoining the Columbo Commercial Company and was appointed manager of the engineering works at Badulla in the province of Uva.Following the death of his Father, he returned home to take charge of Charles Hanson and Son,to manage the Family business with his brother.He died in 1935 Information extracted from Grace's Guide. M.I.C States N Russia 15/06/18.Address given as Columbo Commercial Ltd.,Badulla Ceylon Hanson also received the Ceylon Volunteer Service Medal, which has appeared on the market,and served as 2660 Rifleman with "D" Coy Badulla detachment of the CRPC (Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps Very interesting pair,worthy of further research.
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS=LIVOCK ROYAL FUSILIERS British War and Victory Medals,named to: 39546 PTE W E LIVOCK R FUS Medals about extremely fine,on short pieces of original ribbon. Comes with M.I.C.which shows later service with the Labour Corps
BRITISH WAR AND VICTORYMEDALS-GENGE R.A.F. British War and Victory Medals,named to: 67444 2 A.M. F.G.C.GENGE R.A.F. Medals about good very fine, on short pieces of original ribbons. Frederick George Cavill Genge. Served R.F.C and R.A.F. Comes with copied papers
BRITISH WAR MEDAL TO CATOR NORFOLK REGIMENT-KILLED IN ACTION ON 18TH SEPTEMBER 1918 British War Medal, named to: 18395 PTE J CATOR NORF R. 18395 Pte James Cator 9th Bn., Norfolk Regiment,was killed in action on 18th September,1918. He was born in Rockland All Saints,Norfolk and enlisted at Norwich.He is buried at the Chapelle British Cemetery,Holnon. Medal is about extremely fine, on full-lenght original silk ribbon.
BRITISH WAR MEDAL TO FAWKES-DIED OF WOUNDS IN INDIA 1916 british War Medal, named to: 18524 PTE A FAWKES NORF R. Medal about good very fine, on short piece of original ribbon. 18524 Pte.Alfred Fawkes,2nd Battalion Norfolk Regiment,died of wounds on 6th May,1916.He was born at East Braddenham,Norfolk,and enlisted in Norwich.He is commemorated on the Kirkee 1914-1918 Memorial. Scarce casualty
BRITISH WAR MEDAL TO GOWENS TANK CORPS. British War Medal, named to: 922943 PTE B GOWENS TANK CORPS.. About good very fine, on original silk ribbon. M.I.C.Shows only Tank Corps
BRITISH WAR MEDAL TO RUSSELL SOUTH AFRICAN FIELD ARTILLERY-DIED 17TH DECEMBER 1918 British War Medal, named to: DVR.M. RUSSELL.S.A.F.A. Medal about good very fine,named in the South African style. Gunner Matthew Russell 1864,1st South African Field Artillery died on 17th December 1918 aged 21.The Son of George and Margaret Russell of New Primrose,Gerimston,Transvaal.He is buried at the Kantara War Memorial Cemetery Only one M Russell on the South African Index
BRITISH WAR MEDAL TO SMITH- THE QUEENS REGT British War Medal Named to; 94962 PTE.H.G.SMITH THE QUUEN'S R. Medal is extremely fine, on piece of original silk ribbon
BRITISH WAR MEDAL TO THOMAS TRENCH MORTAR BATTERY ROYAL ARTILLERY AN M.M. WINNER-DIED OF WOUNDS 30TH MARCH 1918 British War Medal, named to: W-2943 DVR.J.THOMAS R.A. (W prefix probably denotes Welsh Enlistment) Medal about extremely fine, mounted on card 2943 Pte.J Thomas M.M. 38th Trench Mortar Battery 38th Ammunition Column., Royal Field Artillery, died of Wounds on 30th March,1918. The Son of Mary Ann Jones,of 13,High St., Tumble,Llanelly.He was born Llannon,Carmarthen,and enlisted at Ammanford Carmarthen.He is buried at the Merville Communal Extension Cemetery. He was awarded the Military Medal, London Gazette 26th May 1917
BRITISH WAR MEDAL VICTORY MEDAL TO CAINE MANCHESTER REGIMENT British War Medal and Victory Medal pair,named to: 252383 PTE.A.CAINE MANCH. R. Medals about good very fine,on original full-length silk ribbons
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-COE ROYAL ENGINEERS British War Medal,named to: 181130 SPR W. COE R.E. Medal is about good very fine, on piece of original silk ribbon
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-FINCH-9 LONDON REGIMENT British War Medal,named to: 6203 PTE.F.G.FINCH 9-LOND R.(County of London Regiment-Queen Victoria's Rifles Medal about very fine,slight contact marks,on small piece of original ribbon.
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-JOSEPH H COOPER British War Medal,named to: JOSEPH H COOPER Two Joseph H Coopers listed. Born Seaham Harbour, 1885 and born Hull, 1885. A First Engineer Joseph Herbert Cooper S S Rosario(Newport) died on 18th August 1918 aged 32 .The Son of Jane Hannah Henderson Cooper and the late John Cooper,husband of of Jane Mason Cooper of 68,Angus St.,Roath Park,Cardiff.Born at Seaham Harbour.Remembered on the Tower Hill Memorial. The S S Rosario was torpedoed and sunk South West of Ireland on 18th August 1917
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-LIEUT COLONEL ARCHIBALD PRIMROSE LISTON-FOULIS-ROYAL MARINE ARTILLERY-KILLED IN ACTION 30TH NOVEMBER 1917 British War Medal, named to: LT.COL.A.P.LISTON-FOULIS. Medal about extremely fine, Lt.Colonel Archibald Primrose Liston Foulis,Royal Marine Artillery was killed in action on 30th November 1917. The Son of Sir James Liston-Foulis pth Baronet.Colinton;husband of Agnese Endora LIston-Foulis( now Mrs N.I. Eastman) ,of Braving Avenue,East Southsea.He is buried at Gouzeaucourt New British Cemetery. He was mentioned in despatches on 15th May 1917.He was attached to the 34th Brigade Royal Garrison Artillery when he was killed. Liston-Foulis was born at St Andrews Edinburgh in 1874. He was appointed a Lieutenant in the Royal Marine Artillery on 22nd February 1895,Captain on 26th August 1898,Major 16th September 1913 and Lieut Colonel 23rd July 1917. The Brother of Lieut George Herbert Liston-Foulis. (see no 51710) Interesting recipient, worthy of further research
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-MERCANTILE MARINE WAR MEDAL PAIR-HOGBEN British War Medal,Mercantile Marine War Medal,named to: FREDERICK G HOGBEN. Frederick George Hogben, born 1875 from Cheslett, Kent Medals about extremely fine,patch of verdigris on edge
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-MORTON ROYAL ARTILLERY-DIED AT SEA-COMM ON THE HELLES MEMORIAL British War Medal, named to: 27384 GNR T MORTON R.A. 27384 Bombardier Tom Morton,17th Siege Battery Royal Garrison Artillery died at sea on 19th October 1915, aged 26.He was born at Pilton,Warwick and is the Son of William and Sarah Morton, of Pailton,Rugby.He is commemorated on the Helles memorial. Medal about good very fine, dark toned.
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-ORD SEAMAN WOMACK ROYAL NAVY British War Medal,named to: J91906 E.W.WOMACK ORD. R.N. Medal is about extremely fine, toned on piece of original silk ribbon.
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-PEACH R.A.F. British War Medal named to: 286149 PTE. 2.C.M.PEACH R.A.F. Medal about very fine
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-POLLARD,R.A.F. British War Medal named to: 28602 2.A.M.D.H.POLLARD R.A.F Medal about good very fine, toned
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-PTE DOUGLAS-COLDSTREAM GUARDS KILLED IN ACTION 30TH NOVEMBER 1917 British War Medal, named to: 13103 PTE D DOUGLAS. C GDS. Meda about good very fine, mounted on card. 13103.David Douglas,2nd bn.,Coldstream Guards was killed in action 30th November 1917.He was born at Creich, Fife,and lived at Balbeggie,Perth. He enlisted at Cowdenbestle.He is commemorated on the Cambrai Memorial Louveral.
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-ROBSON-ROYAL ENGINEERS British War Medal, named to: 147351 SPR.P.A.ROBSON.R.E. Medal is about good very fine,on original length of silk ribbon,suspension slightly bent.
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-VARNHAM-EAST LANCS REGIMENT British War Medal,named to:19648 PTE.W.VARNHAM.E.LAN.R. Medal about nearly very fine, contact wear,on short length of original silk ribbon
BRITISH WAR MEDAL-WALTER KEEBLE-MERCANTILE MARINE FROM HARWICH British War Medal named to: WALTER KEEBLE. On the Mercantile Marine ,Medal roll.Came from Harwich,born in 1870. Medal about very fine or better,on original length of silk ribbon
BROKEN NAVAL GROUP TO HARRISON-SAW ACTION IN THE GULF AND AT SUEZ Naval General Service Medal, clasp: PERSIAN GULF 1909-1914 Named to: J357 W B HARRISON A.B. H.M.S.ALERT. British War Medal,named to: J357 W.B. HARRISON A.B.R.N. Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal ( George V fixed suspension ), named to: J357 W.B.HARRISON H.M.S.RAMILLIES Medals about fine or better,N.G.S. has contact wear and pitting from star,British War Medal is polished, has part of suspension missing, and a few "nibbles" to the edge of medal,Naval Long Service Medal has a few e/nicks and one large edge knock,otherwise this about very fine. William Bird Harrison was born in June, 1896,and joined the Royal Navy in 1909.He served aboard numerous ships,most notably during the operations in the Persian Gulf,aboard H.M.S. Alert,and from August 1914 to January 1918 aboard the R.I.M.S. HARDINGE-an armed troopship that saw action in the defence of the Suez Canal,and in 1915 assisted in the attempt by the Turks to cross the Canal,and suffered damage from shore batteries.She was also used as a supply ship to supply T.E.Lawrence's forces,and carried two seaplanes.From January 1922-August 1922 Harrison served aboard H.M.S.RAMILLIES and may have been aboard during one of the Ships' involvements with the Greco-Turkish War in 1922.His record was transferred in 1929 whilst he was serving on H.M.S.REPULSE. Interesting although incomplete group, worthy of further research.May have served during WW2
BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE -SECOND LIEUTENANT TYRELL STEVENTON PINN EAST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT DIED 12TH OCTOBER 1915 Bronze Memorial Plaque, named to: TYRELL STEVENTON PINN Second Lieutenant Tyrell Steventon Pinn 8th Bn., East Yorkshire Regiment, died of wounds on 12th October, 1915.He was the younger Son of Henry and Mrs F.A.E.Pinn of Mildred Avenue Watford.He is buried at the St Sever Cemetery, Rouen.He was educated at Watford Grammar School,and attended Christs Hospital from 1896-1899,and was employed by Coutts Bank. He joined the 15th Londons-Civil Service Rifles, and was gazetted into the 8th East Yorkshire Regiment in December 1914.He died in Hospital on 12th October 1915,of wounds received on 25th September 1915. Information extracted from the Lewisham War Memorial Web Site Plaque about good very fine, sold with research.
BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE- LEONARD KENYON-LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS-DIED OF WOUNDS 10/04/1918 Bronze Memorial Plaque,named to: LEONARD KENYON 205543 Pte.Leonard Kenyon 2nd/5th Bn., Lancashire Fusiliers, died of wounds on the 10/04/1918. He was born and enlisted in Manchester.He is buried in the Lapugnoy Military Cemetery. Plaque is about good very fine.Only one Leonard Kenyon listed on Soldiers died.
BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE-BASIL SECOND LIEUTENANT BASIL LIDDON KIMBER-LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT Bronze Memorial Plaque Named to: BASIL LIDDON KIMBER Second Lieutenant Basil Liddon Kimber 7th B., Lincolnshire Regiment.Killed in action on 10 July 1916. The Son of Frederick Thomas and Fanny Kimber,of 48,St.Thomas' Road,Brentwood Essex.He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial. Extract from the BBENTWOODIAN ; as follows: "Basil Liddon Kimber was born May 16th 1894. Died July 10th School 1905. B.L.Kimber was one of the few survivors of the London Rifle Brigade after the second battle of Ypres.He was invalided home, suffering from shock,but returned with a Commission in the 6th Lincoln.He was killed by a bursting shell on July 10th in the great advance." Arrived in France on 04/11/1914 served as 9249 Lance Corporal with the 5th Londons..He was commissioned on the 21/07/1915.He is entitled to a 1914 Star trio. Plaque is about extremely fine
BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUE-SECOND LIEUTENANT JOSEPH PETT 2/4TH OX AND BUCKS LIGHT INFANTRY KILLED IN ACTION ON 21 MARCH 1918 Bronze Memorial Plaque,named to: JOSEPH PETT. Second Lieutenant Joseph Pett,2nd/4th Bn., Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry was killed in action on 21st March, 1918. The Son of Fanny Elizabeth Pett,of 108,Portway,West Ham,London.He is commemorated on the Pozieres Memorial. Joseph Pett was born on 22nd February 1890. He attended Winchester Training College,and enlisted on in the Middlesex Regiment 17th September, 1914.He arrived in Egypt 01/09/1915.He was wounded in France "gunshot wound to the chest" on 27th June, 1916 He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant into the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry on 24th September, 1917.He was killed in action in the German offensive at the battle of St Quentin on 21st March 1918,his body was never recovered. A full account of his life and Military career,can be found online at "Winchester Traning College-a roll call of the Fallen,edited by Dee Sayers. Plaque is about good very fine
BRUNSWICK WATERLOO MEDAL-3RD LIGHT BTN BRUNSWICK INFANTRY Brunswick Waterloo Medal Named to: LUDW HUETER 3 IAEG BAT (3rd Light Btn.Brunswick Infantry. Medal is about Very Fine/Fine on original Iron Ring and original ribbon. Slight pitting,and a little rust from suspension
BURMA 1887-89 AND BOER WAR GROUP OR THREE TO SHAW NORFOLK REGIMENT Indian General Service Medal,clasp: BURMA 1887-89 Named to: 1378 PTE R SHAW 2ND BN NORF R. Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: CAPE COLONY/PAARDEBERG/TRANSVAAL Kings South Africa Medal,claps : SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902.These named to : 1378 PTE R SHAW NORFOLK REGT Medals about very fine or better,slight twist on suspension of I.G.S. Robert Shaw was born at Shropham, Norfolk .He joined the Norfolk Regiment at Great Yarmouth in 1883.All medals and clasps confirmed on Medal rolls and papers,which are supplied with the Medals. Scarce group
BWM/VICTORY MEDAL LAWRENCE MERCHANT FLEET AUXILIARY British War Medal/Victory Medal.Named to: H.A.G.LAWRENCE TR M.F.A. Medals about good very fine,BWM dark toned,
BWM/VICTORY MEDAL-OAKEY(M.B.E.)-R.N.V.R-TRAINED AS A PILOT IN THE R.N.A.S. British War and Victory Medals named to: LIEUT W.H.OAKEY R.N.V.R.(also entitled to a 1914/15 Star) Wesley Howard Oakey was born in 1891.Previously a student at the School of Shipping. He entered the R.N.A.S.on 13/06/1915 as a temporary Flight Sub-Lieutenant,as a trainee Pilot.His papers,under remarks column states that: "Has been rather nervous, but now looks like becoming a good pilot".Too much imagination.25 hour in the air.Flown Cauldron,Fairman,Bleriot,Sopwith and Curtiss.As an Officer good,knows how to handle men. A fair pilot,Most experienced and reliable stores officer, in which duties he has been most useful. A timid Pilot, but an exceptionally good officer.Very capable,and takes charge of men. I entirley cocur with this officers application to transfer to the stores officer.He will never become a pilot as he lacks nerve,confidence and judgement in the air-it is only a matter of luck that that he has not allready had a bad accident.In addition to his flight duties he has been doing duty as a stores officer,in which capacity he has shown extraordinary knwledge and zeal.The work appeals to him,and he has a complete knowledge of the procedure of keeping Naval and Air Service stores.He has been of the very greatest value to me in running this sation,being the best and and most hardworking Officer I have got.He can take charge of men;they like him and work for him.I recommend him to be transferreed as a Lieutenant in the R.N.V.R. Served at Eastchurch and Westgate. Transferred R.A.F. On his R.A.F. papers he is listed as F/LIEUT Technical aero Rigging.Transferred to Reserve 17/09/1926 Relinquished commission 12/09/1930.Upon discharge,his address is given as: "Eversley" Highweek, Newton Abbot, Devon. Awarded M.B.E. (Military division) London Gazette:01/01/1923. Medals about good very fine,comes with copied papers.
BWM/VICTORY MEDALS TO LIEUT IAN DRUMMOND CLAUGHTON 11TH CAMBRIDGESHIRE BTN., SUFFOLK REGT-THEIR FIRST OFFICER TO BE DIE IN ACTION British War and Victory Medals,named to; LIEUT I.D.CLAUGHTON Entry in De-Ruvigny: Lieut Ian Drummond Claughton 11th Bn., Suffolk Regt.,was killed in action on 02/03/1916.The Son of Henry and Emily Claughton of Fornham St.Martin,Suffolk.B.A (Kings College Cambridge).He is buried at Brewery Orchard Cemetery,Bois-Grenier. Ian Drummond Claughton was born 04/10/1890-the 3rd Son of Henry William Claughton of University College,Oxford, and Thornham St.Martin,Bury St.Edmunds,Suffolk.H.M.Inspector of Schools(1874-1913) by his wife Emily, daughter of Captain R.H.H.Kightley,7th Royal Fusiliers.and godson of Bishop Piers Claughton,Archdeacon of London, and Chaplain General of the Forces.Educated at Repton School,and Kings College Cambridge(B.A.1912) He obtained all the School prizes at Repton for English Literature,History,etc.On taking his degree in the Historical Tripos,the college granted him a further exhibition for Research work; he possessed great ability and was very widely read.He was gazetted a 2nd Lieut in the 11th Cambridgeshire Battalion,Suffolk Regt 9th September 1914; promoted Lieut June 1915 went to France early in January 1916.Killed in action 2 March near Bois Grenier.His Colonel wrote: "He was absolutely fearless and died a noble death" He is listed on the Fornham St Martin War Memorial. He was the first "Cambridge Kitchener" Officer casualty Medals are extremely fine, removed from a frame,and mounted on a green baize backed board.
C.B.E.-SECOND TYPE-IN ORIGINAL CASE OF ISSUE C.B.E.(Commander of the British Empire) Civil In original gilt-tooled box of issue by D & S.S.( 1960's-early 70's) Complete with small and large size neck ribbons for the Civil Issue,and original Instructions as to wearing insignia card leaflet. Order is about extremely fine, gilding toned on reverse.
CADET FORCES MEDAL -ACTG FLT LT HEROD-R.A.F.V.R. Cadet Forces Medal,(Elizabeth II) Named to: ACT FLT LT H.L.C.HEROD R.A.F.V.R. (T) Medal about good very fin,reverse dig in fiels
CAMPAIGN PAIR TO BRIG SURGEON LT COLONEL ANDREW-6TH FOOT AND 12 FOOT Indian General Service Medal (1854) calsp: NORTHWEST FRONTIER Named to: AT SURGN G ANDREW H.M.'S 1ST BN. 6TH REGT. Afghanistan Medal, no clasp, named to: SURGN MAJ. G ANDREWS 1/12TH REGT. Medals about good very fine, slight contact wear. Sold with what is believed to be a copy photo of Andrew George Andrew was born 1840 at Gateshead. Acting Surgeon Staff 31/03/1865 6th Foot 10/07/1866 Staff 22/06/1870 Surgeon Major 31 March 1877 B.S Lieut Col 12/02/1891 Retired pay 24/04/1895 MA Kings College,1860 M B 1864 Died 19/10/1899 ( Medical Officers in The British Army 1660-1960 p455 Vol 1) Sold with copied Army lists, etc
CAMPAIGN PAIR TO BYRNE-19TH REGT( YORKSHIRE) AND NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS Indian General Service Medal (1854) clasp: NORTHWEST FRONTIER named to: 1608 P. BYRNE. 1ST. BN.H M'S 19TH REGT. Afghanistan Medal 1878-79-80 Medal, named to: 2213 PTE. P.BYRNE 1/5TH FUS RS. Both correctly named. Patrick Byrne attested for the 19th Regiment aged 19 in 1863. He was born at St, Andrews, Ireland.Has a very colourful service record of ten pages.Spent time in the cells..His Medical record shows a long list of ailments,and diseases treated,including "wound to chest". Transferred to the 1/5th Fusiliers in 1871, and discharged in 1885. Makes a good read! Medals are about good very fine,edge bruise on I.G.S. Comes with copied service papers, medal rolls etc.
CAMPAIGN SERVICE MEDAL CLASP: CYPRUS-GILBERT-R.A.O.C. General Service Medal(ELIZABETH II), clasp MALAYA. Named to: 23320390 PTE.B.W.GILBERT R.A.O.C. Medal is extremely fine
CAMPAIGN SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP MALAY PENINSULA-KIRKPATRICK-COOK R.N. Campaign Service Medal,clasp: MALAY PENINSULA,named to: 071659 T KIRKPATRICK CK (S) R.N. Medal about extremely fine, on original ribbon and pin
CAMPAIGN SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP MALAYA-TO CLARANCE-R.E.M.E. Campaign Service Medal,clasp MALAYA.Named to: 23202257 CFN. B.CLARANCE R.E.M.E. Medal about extremely fine
CAMPAIGN SERVICE MEDAL-NORTHERN IRELAND-ALLEN ROYAL ANGLIAN Campaign Service Medal, named to: 24293944 PTE. M.P.ALLEN.R.ANGLIAN. Medal about extremely fine,court mounted on pin as worn.
CANADA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP FENIAN RAID 1866 TO HARRIS RIFLE BRIGADE Canada General Service Medal,clasp FENIAN RAID 1866 (This is a tailors copy, loose on ribbon) Named to: 535 BUGLER E HARRIS RIFLE BDE. Medal and clasp confirmed on roll,Medal good very fine or better. Edward Harris was born in Drogheda, Ireland in 1841.He joined the Rifle Brigade as a Boy Bugler in 1855,Discharge papers available online
CANADA-VOLUNTEER SERVICE MEDAL Canadian Volunteer Service Medal,struck in silver. unnamed as issued-no clasp
CANADIAN MEMORIAL CROSS-WILLIAM REBER-DIED 1917-BORN SWITZERLAND Canadian Memorial Cross, named to: 636284 PTE W REBER. About very fine-no ribbon William Raber 636284 58th Bn., Canadian Infantry died on 7th November, 1917,aged 42 The Son of Jacob and Letitia Raber of 4, Derwent Rd., Anerley,London.Late of Zurich Switzerland.(Correct name Reber-confirmed on papers)He is buried at the Wimereux Communal Cemetery. William Reber was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1876. Attested 02/12/1915 living at Bancroft Ontario. He was slightly wounded in the knee 28th June 1917. Died 07/11/1917 of Nephritis and Myoconditis
CASUALTY GROUP TO HUGGINS ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE-SERVED WW1-DIED IN SERVICE 1944 H.M.S. ELOOPA 1914/15 Star trio named to: SA 262 J.R.HUGGINS 2 HD.R.N.R. 1939/45 War Medal in box of issue,box named to: Mrs E E Huggins 82,Baliol Rd Gorleston On Sea Norfolk. LT/JX 184432 Second Hand Robert James Huggins royal Naval Patrol Service H.M.S.Eloopa died on 24/07/1944.Son of James Robert and Martha Emma Huggins;husband of Ella Elvery Huggins of Gorleston. Born Bradwell,Suffolk in 1885,he joined the Royal Naval Reserve on 10th August 1914,and served in H.M.A.D."TESSIE" later serving in "TARTER and "KINGFISHER" He was demobilised 0n 14/04/1919. Recalled for service in WW2 he died whilst serving on H.M.S. Eloopa.He is buried in Gorleston Cemetery. Medals about very fine or better,star and victory a little stained. Also comes with original Naval condolence letter and Medal box addressed to his wife(AF) and set of WW1 Naval papers.
CIVIL DEFENCE LONG SERVICE MEDAL Civil Defence Long Service Medal. unnamed as issued Medal about good very fine.
CORONATION MEDAL 1911 METROPOLITAN POLICE ISSUE Coronation Medal, 1911 Metropolitan Police issue Named to: P.C.T.CLARKE Medal about good very fine,on original ribbon
DEFENCE AND WAR MEDAL-POLICE EXEMPLARY SERVICE MEDAL-TO INSPECTOR MERVYN EDWARDS Defence and War Medal,Police Exemplary Service Medal,named to: ISPR. MERVYN EDWARDS.Vendor states, served with Norfolk Constabulary at Dereham,Norfolk Medals about good very fine, mounted on pin, the Defence Medal is loose on ribbon
DEFENCE OF KIMBERLEY AND KIMBERLEY STAR PAIR TO BORNER-23RD COMPANY WESTERN DIVISION ROYAL GARRISON ARTILLERY Queens South Africa Medal, clasp: DEFENCE OF KIMBERLEY Named to: 91597 GNR H.R. BORNER. 23rd W.D. R.G.A. Kimberley Star "A" hallmark. Henry Richard Borner was born in 1873 at St Georges London.He attested for the Royal Artillery in 1892,trade given as bootbaker. Medal and clasp confirmed on papers. Medals are about good very fine,slight twist on suspension of Q.S.A. Medals have matching colour and toning,so look to be an "original" pair. Comes with copied attestation papers. Several photos are available on various internet sites which show the 23rd Company in action at Kimberley-some firing the "pom-poms" Scarce pair to a British unit
DEFENCE OF KIMBERLEY AND WW1 GROUP OF THREE TO ROBB-KIMBERLEY TOWN GUARD AND SOUTH AFRICAN INFANTRY Queens South Africa Medal, clasp: DEFENCE OF KIMBERLEY,Named to: PTE G.ROBB KIMBERLEY TOWN GUARD. British War Medal,named to: PTE G ROBB, 1ST S.A.I BGDE. Victory Medal, named to: PTE.G.ROBB. 8TH S.A.I. Medals about extremely fine Q.S.A.Confirmed on roll.
DELHI DURBAR MEDAL 1911 Delhi Durbar Medal 1911 unnamed as issued. Medal about good very fine,and toned, on short piece of original ribbon
DISTINGUISHED CONDUCT MEDAL GROUP OF FOUR TO HODGSON-6TH NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS Distinguished Conduct Medal,George V, named to: 265393 A CPL J HODGSON.6/NORTH'D FUS : 1914/15 Star trio, named to: 2367 PTE. J.HODGSON NORTH'D FUS (CPL on pair) Medals about good very fine, on pin for wearing. D.C.M.London Gazette 3rd September,1918.265393 A/Cpl. J.Hodgson,North'd Fus (Benwell) For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty,When ammunition was running short he succeeded in bringing up a fresh supply at a very critical time.The rest of his party were casualties. Arrived in France 20/04/1915.
DISTINGUISHED CONDUCT MEDAL-BURTON 2/ NORFOLK REGIMENT-DIED AS A PRISONER OF WAR Distinguished Conduct Medal (George V) Named to: 8076 PTE A BURTON 2/NORF R Medal about good very fine. 8076 Private Albert Burton,D.C.M. 2nd Battalion Norfolk Regiment,died on 12th June,1916 He was wounded in the Persian Gulf on 14th December 1915,and died of disease,possibly at Mosul, Mesopotamia,during the march into captivity at Anatolia, Turkey.He is buried in the Baghdad North Gate Cemetery. D.C.M.London Gazette 12th December 1917(S.Woodford).-No citation. Pte.Burton was born at Forrest Gate, West Ham, London in 1891. Note: several D.C.M.'s Awarded to the Norfolk Regiment on this date have no citations.
DISTINGUISHED CONDUCT MEDAL-MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES GROUP OF FOUR TO REGIMENTAL SERGEANT MAJOR EMBLING ROYAL BERKSHIRE REGIMENT-ALSO ENTITLED TO A RUSSIAN CROSS OF ST GEORGE Distinguished Conduct Medal (George V) Named to: 5443 C.S.MJR R.EMBLING R.BERKS R 1914 Star with original clasp,named to: 5443 C.S.MJR E EMBLING.2/R.BERKS R. British War and Victory Medals, named to: 5443 A W O.CL1 R.EMBLING R.BERKS R.(Victory Medal with M.I.D.emblem). Medals about good very fine overall,slight e/bruise to D.C.M.mounted on pin for wearing.(His other two Medals were probably mounted on a seperate wearing bar) Distinguished Conduct Medal London Gazette: 11th March 1916: 5443 Company Sergeant Major R Embling 2nd Bn., R Berks R. "For consistent good work since his battalion arrived at the front.He has set a fine example" Russia,Cross of the Order Of St George (4th class) London Gazette 24th August 1915. Mentioned in despatches: London Gazette 22 June 1915. Richard Embling was born in Farringdon,Berks in 1878,and joined the Royal Berkshire Regiment in 1898.He was a prominent Sportsman,and was a member of the Football,Hockey and Bayonet fighting teams.He landed in France on 6th November,1914,and apart from his decorations, was also awarded the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.He was discharged in 1920, and died in 1959 in Croydon. A full set of pension records are available online,and several images of him are also available online-see the Royal Berkshire regiments online page,"The Wardrobe" A superb Regimental Sergeant Majors D.C.M.entitled to Russia Cross of St George group.
DISTINGUISHED SERVICE CROSS(GEORGE V) IN ORIGINAL BOX WITH PRIVATE MEDAL FOR VALOUR AWARDEDTO CAPTAIN THOMAS HENRY CLATWORTHY MERCHANT NAVY Distinguished Service Cross(George V) in original box of issue. Hallmarks for London 1917-18. Cross about extremely fine,and lightly toned. Ribbon a little rubbed,on original wearing pin, Original Garrards case,lining a little worn. Sold with a private Lifesaving Medal? with top clasp: FOR VALOUR. Obverse has SS ANDORINHA DEC 24TH 1913. Reverse has the inscription: "FROM THE CRITICAL QUARTETTE" TO CAPTAIN CLATWORTHY.(hallmarked Birmingham 1912-13) 32mm dia. On attrractive yellow and red ribbon-presumably the colours of the Yeoward Line,marked with the letter YB. Captain Thomas Henry Clatworthy was born in 1878 at Bridgewater Somerset.He received his second Mates certificate in 1900,his Mates certificate in 1903,and his Masters certificate in 1905. In October 1912 he was the Master of the S.S.Andorihna (Yeoward Line) bound for the Canaries.It maybe that during this voyage the event occured That let to Captain Clatworthy being awarded the private Lifesaving Medal from the Critical quartette that was presented in 1913. He received a commendation(M.I.D) in the London Gazette,dated 17/11/1917,and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, London Gazette 22/02/1918."in recognition of zeal and devotion to duty shown in carrying on the trade of the country during the War. Also entitled to a Mercantile Marine War Medal and British War Medal. Interesting pair-purchased together.Sold with copied research.,and a small bronze Amateur Gymnastics Association Medal warded to: M.J.Clatworthy Championship of England 1928 Standard.
DISTINGUISHED SERVICE MEDAL TO VINCENT-CHIEF YEOMAN OF SIGNALS-H.M.S. PENELOPE 1916-17 Distinguished Service Medal (George V) named to: 190964 C.H. VINCENT YEO. SIGS H.M.S.PENELOPE 1916-7 Medal is extremely fine and nicely toned. D.S.M. London Gazette 11th August 1917. Charles Henry Vincent was born in Norwich, Norfolk,on 16th September, 1880,and worked as a shoe finisher before entering the Royal Navy in 1897.His Naval trade was a Signaller He served on numerous Ships and Shore establishments,and at the sart of WW1 was serving on H.M.S. King Edward VII, and was aboard her when she hit a German Naval Mine off the coast of Scotland.The whole crew were evacuated safely, before she sank following attempts to keep her afloat.His next Ship was H.M.S.Penelope on which he served from 16th September 1916 until the end of hostilities.In June 1917, she was involved in the shelling of Ostend.Whilst aboard, Vincent was promoted to Chief Yeoman Of Signals.On the 26th March 1919 he joined Prince George,and on the 22nd October 1919, he joined Hecla from whom he was shore pensioned on 13th October 1920.
EDWARD VII CORONATION MEDAL 1902 IN BRONZE Edward VII Coronation Medal 1902 bronze issue Medal obverse polished-reverse very fine-ideal for making up entitlement.
EDWARD VII LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-TO BROWN H.M.S. VERNON Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Edward VII) Named to: JOHN BROWN P.O.CL 1 H.M.S. VERNON. Medal about very fine
EDWARD VII ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE LONG SERVICE MEDAL-MC GLASHAN Royal Naval Reserve Long Service Medal (Edward VII) Named to: C113 J MC GLASHAN SEAN R.N.R. Medal is good extremely fine,on modern ribbon
EDWARD VII ROYAL NAVY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL TO CLUTTERBUCK-SHIPS COOK-H.M.S. DIDO Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Edward VII ) Named to: 160417 WILLIAM CLUTTERBUCK SH COOK,H.M.S. DIDO. Medal extremely fine, with a light scratch in obverse field. William Clutterbuck was born in Botley,Hants 28th March,1873. He enlisted in the Royal Navy in October, 1891. He served on numerous Ships and Sore establishments, and ending his career as C.P.O. Cook.Comes with large size copied papers
EDWARD VII ROYAL NAVY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL-TO WILCOM ROYAL MARINES Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Edward VII) Named to: PO 10294 J J WILCOX PRIVATE R.M.L.I. Medal about good very fine,one scratch on obverse. Enlisted in the Royal Marines in 1891.Born Peckham, London.
EGYPT LONG SERVICE GROUP OF THREE TO- PEERSFIELD ROBERTS- ROYAL MARINES Egypt Medal,undated, named to: P.ROBERTS PTE.R.M.L.I (Impressed naming) Khedives Star dated 1884-86 un-named.Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,named to: PEERSFIELD ROBERTS PRIVATE 40TH Co.R.M.L.I.(Impressed naming) Peersfield Roberts was born on 12th August,1852,at Warburton,Sussex.He enlisted in the Royal Marines on 11th August,1870. He served on various Ships and Shore bases including: CHATHAM,HECTOR,DUNCAN,etc. He sailed with Royal Marine Battalion for Egypt,on 10th February,1884,and was invalided from "Remittive" Fever-? on the 13th August 1884 on the Mediterranean Station,He then sailed for England on 17th August, and arrived back at Chatham on 30 August. He qualified for the Royal Navy Long Service Medal,which was received on 30 September 1880.His Egypt Medal and Star are confirmed on his papers, and on the Medal Roll, where he is listed as Piersfield Roberts. Medal are about good very fine,one or two contact marks from the star on Egypt and L.S. Medal, but much better than the average Egypt Group which has come into contact with the star.
EGYPT MEDAL DATED 1882 -TUBEY -ROYAL ARTILLERY Egypt Medal dated 1882 Named to: 32681 GNR T TUBEY 4/1ST BDE**DIV R A Medal pitted due to contact with star,two letters presumably N'N mostly worn by contact with star.On the roll of No 7(Mountain) Battery Northern Division Royal Artillery.Roll states "Invalided to England"
EGYPT MEDAL-SUAKIN 1885/TOFREK-CASSELL BERKSHIRE REGIMENT Egypt Medal, clasps: SUAKIN 1885/TOFREK.Named to: 1441 PTE J CASSELL 1/BERKS: R Medal about very fine,a little pitting from star. Confirmed on roll,and entitled to a Khedives Star.
EGYPT PAIR TO WHITEHALL-DUKE OF CORNWALLS LIGHT INFANTRY Egypt Medal,dated 1882, clasp TEL-EL-KEBIR named to: 146 PTE W WHITEHALL 2/D OF C.L.I Khedives Star, dated 1882, Medals about very fine,Egypt Medal pitted,all naming present. William Whitehall was born at Langton, Staffordshire,and attested for the 46th foot in 1874 at Lichfield.In 1886 he suffered a compound fracture of the leg whilst on duty at Devonport -this led to him being invalided from the service in 1889,following "removal of old bones"
EGYPT PAIR-MONK-1/ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT Egypt Meda, undated, clasp: SUAKIN 1884-85,named to: 724 PTE R MONK 1/RL. W.KENT R. Khedives Star, dated 1882 Egypt Medal is slightly pitted due to contact wear with star,the "K" of KENT being obliterated on the naming, otherwise about very fine,and on original mounting bar, with medals stitched on. Egypt Medal and clasp confirmed on roll.
ELIZABETH II 1953 CORONATION MEDAL Elizabeth II 1953 Coronation Medal. About good very fine,a couple of very small e/nicks
FAMILY MEDALS TO SOLLOWAY SUFFOLK REGIMENT General Service Medal,(Queen Elizabeth 11) clasp: CYPRUS named to: 2350658 PTE.S.N.SOLLOWAY SUFFOLK. Together with a boxed set of four Medals: 1939/45 Star,France and Germany Star,Defence and War Medals-no ribbons for the 39/45 star or the Defence Medal.Box named to: Mr.S.F.Solloway 3,Church Close,Leyton,London.with original medal entitlement slip Could be the same man? Medals about good very fine,G.S.M.toned.
FINE GROUP OF EIGHT TO MAJOR SHARP ROYAL ARMOURED CORPS 1939/45 Star,Africa Star with clasp 8TH ARMY,Italy Star,France and Germany Star,Defence and War Medals,General Service Medal,clasp: PALESTINE 1945-48,named to: CAPT L.A.G. SHARP R.A.C.,Territorial Efficiency Medal,(George VI) clasp TERRITORIAL,named to: LT L.A.G.SHARP R.A.C. Medals very fine to good very fine,mounted on wearing bar as worn Served WW2 Royal Armoured Corps,LT Temporary Captain London Gazette 20/03/1947 Transferred Royal Army Service Corps (Major London Gazette 25th May 1956,22 March 1960 Copies of Gazette entries included.
FINE GROUP OF ELEVEN TO STAFF SERGT NEVILL ROYAL ARTILLERY AND ARMY PAY CORPS-WOUNDED WESTERN DESERT 1942 1939/45 Star/Italy Star,clasp: 8TH ARMY,Italy Star,France and Germany Star,Defence and War Medals,Korea Medal,United Nations Korea,Africa General Service Medal,clasp KENYA,Campaign Service Medal, clasp:SOUTH ARABIA,and Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,clasp REGULAR ARMY. 1438844 W.O.CL.2 H E NEVILLE R.A. on Kore Medal,22961606 SGT H E NEVILL R.A.P.C. on A.G.S. Medal,S/SGT R.A.P.C.on C.S.M.and SGT on L.S.G.C.Medal. Medals about good very fine, mounted as worn. A fine group of eleven. Sgt H.E Nevill was wounded in the Western Desert serving with 1/2 LIGHT A/A Regt.on 24/10/1942 For miniature group see item no: 51808
FINE GROUP OF NINE TO LT COL BEEVOR O..B.E-TERRITORIAL DECORATION WITH FOUR CONFIRMED CLASPS O.B.E.(Civil) Order of St John (serving brothers badge) British War Medal Victory Medal with M.I.D.France and Germany Star, Defence and War Medals,1953 Coronation Medal,Territorial Decoration, dated 1942 with first,second, third and forth award clasps.British War and Victory Medals named to: LT C.T.A.BEEVOR World War 2 Medals,and Decoration named to: LT.COL.C.T.A..BEEVOR. M.I.D.London Gazette : 04/07/1919 Beevor Lt.C.T.A.,C/52nd Bde O.B.E. London Gazette: 1st January 1957;Lieutenant Colonel Cecil Thomas Ashworth Beevor,T.D.,D.L.,Chairman,Association of Drainage Authorities. Territorial Decoration, London Gazette 24/02/1942.Major. C.T.A. Beevor (36367) 3x Clasps: London Gazette 03rd November 1950 Lt Col.C.T.A.Beevor 4th Clasp: London Gazette 01/12/1953 Royal Regiment of Artillery LT-Col C.T.A.Beevor T.D.(36367) Retired. Order of St John 14/01/1964 Officer (Brother) Lieut Colonel Cecil Thomas Ashworth Beevor,O.B.E.,D.L. Comes with a 6 x pages of A 4 typed sheets of Lt Col Beevors' experiences and recollections of the Great War.A few excerpts listed below; A classical Scholar at Repton, he joined the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, and passed out in February 1916,and joined the 53rd Field Artillery France.Mentions in detail 1st July 1916,and "Maintaining communications in the line by "dodging from shell hole to shell hole" over 1000 yards of open land and,being occasionally sniped at and mending the breaks in the wire caused by German shell-fire.Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. 1917 "all this led up to the battle of Arras on the 12th April 1917.It was while looking for a suitable spot for observation,near a building marked on the map as "Pont de Jour" that I got wounded by a bullet in the neck.When I got back to the Battery position the M.O.sent me to a Casualty Clearing Station and from there I was sent to a Hospital at Wimeroux,put on a Ship back to England,and woke at Manchester. 1918; "We came into action again on the Thelus Ridge,to the North of Arras,and just t the right of the Canadians at Vimy ridge.In fact I remember spending quite a lot of time with the Canadian Battalion at their headquarters ........"I was able to take a Gun gun forward of the Thelus Ridge and do some sniping at any movement I saw in the German lines or at night shoot up a crossroads area in their rear where there was was a possibility of of their transport bringing up supplies. At this this time I was able to get from a heavy Battery nearby some new fuses for our H E shells which were far more instantaneous than the old No.40 fuse,screw in the new fuse and have a shell which would burst as soon as it touched down,without burying itself in the earth.It became a much more effective weapon" A fascinating record of an Artillery Officers' experiences in WW1-a good read. Cecil Thomas Ashworth was born in 1898 and died in 1989,the year after he wrote his reminiscences of WW I In his Civil life he was a Solicitor,and deputy borough coroner and clerk to the Great Yarmouth Parish Church Estate & Muckfleet Drainage Commissioners,Acle drainage board and and Solicitor to the the Abbey Building Society. a scarce O.B.E, Order of St John T,D with 4 clasp group see item no;51556 for his miniature group
FINE GROUP OF SEVEN TO DONNELLY COLOUR SERGEANT/QURTERMASTER SERGEANT ROYAL MARINES 1939/45 Star,Atlantice Star,Burma Star,1939/45 War Medal,Naval General Service Medal,(Elizabeth II) clasp: CYPRUS,named to: CH/X 3620 G DONNELLY CLR SGT R.M. Campaign Service Medal, clasp: BORNEO,named to: CH/X 3620 G.DONNELLY Q.M.S. R.M. Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,(Elizabeth II) This named to: CH/X3620 G.DONNELLY SGT R.M. Medals overall very fine and better,with some contact wear,have been sometime lacquered,whaich has partly worn off.Mounted on wearing bar, as worn Fine group to the Royal Marines
FINE ORDER OF ST JOHN GROUP OF FOUR TO CH SUPT C NICHOLSON Order of Saint John-Officers Serving Brother breast badge,1897 Jubilee Medal,(St Johns Ambulance Issue- named to: SUPT C NICHOLSON 1911 Coronation Medal (St Johns Ambulance Issue) Named to: CH SUPT C NICHOLSON.Serrice Medal of St John, ( early issue with ring suspension) This nmed to: SUPT OF STORES C NICHOLSON 8TH JULY 1907. Medal very fine and better,mounted on original ribbons, and on pin for wearing An early St John group worthy of further research.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL CLASP MALAYA-TROOPER VIRGO 13/18 HUSSARS General Service Medal (George VI) Clasp MALAYA Named to: 22476494 TPR J.E. VIRGO 13/18 H Medal is about good very fine,V of Virgo weakly impresssed.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL CLASP MALAYA TO BAXTER-W.R.A.F. General Service Medal,clasp MALAYA named to: 2162807 A.C.W.1. A.R.BAXTER W.R.A.F. Medal has been cleaned and has one e/bruise. Scarce
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP IRAQ TO GLOVER KINGS DRAGOON GUARDS General Service Medal (George V) Clasp IRAQ. Named to: D-12424 PTE.F.GLOVER.1-K.D.G. Medal is about good very fine, but suspension a little loose. No entitlement to WW1 Medals.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP MALAYA-COLE-COLDSTREAM GUARDS General Service Medal, clasp MALAYA.Named to: 22214274 GDSM.H.COLE COLDM GDS. Medal is extremely fine,dark toned and court mounted on pin for wearing
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP PALESTINE 1945-48 TO PARFITT REME General Service Medal (George VI ) clasp PALESTINE 1945-48 Named to: 19178796 DVR T PARFITT. R.E.M.E. (Correction on T of Parfitt) Medal about good very fine,and toned
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP PALESTINE-ELKIN R.A.S.C. General Service Medal(GEORGE VI) clasp PALESTINE Named to: T/865412 DVR W ELKIN R.A.S.C. Medal about good very fine,very small correction to "E" on name. Served with the 58th.Co.R.A.S.C.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP-SOUTHERN DESERT IRAQ-TO BAILEY R.A.F. General Service Medal,(George V) Clasp: SOUTHERN DESERT IRAQ. Named to: 358777 CPL. L.J.BAILEY R.A.F. Medal about good very fine, with a couple of rim nicks. Leonard Joseph Bailey was born Mile End,Old Town,London in 1898. He served in The Rifle Brigade and K.R.R.C.WW1. Joined the 1924,occupation given as Clerk (Self-Employed) Served Halton, Iraq and Southern Desert Iraq, and Depot Uxbridge.
GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-MALAYA R.A.M.C General Service Medal,(Elizabeth II) Clasp: MALAYA. Named to: 23404235 Pte.A.E.Hudson,R.A.M.C. Medal about good very fine
GEORGE V 1911 CORONATION MEDAL George V 1911 Coronation Medal. unnamed as issued. Medal about good very fine.
GEORGE V 1935 JUBILEE MEDAL George V 1935 Jubilee Medal,unnamed as issued. Medal extremely fine
GEORGE VI 1937 CORONATION MEDAL George VI 1937 Coronation Medal. Medal extremely fine
GROUP OF SEVEN TO LIEUTENANT SYKES M.B.E.-ROYAL ENGINEERS M.B.E.(Military) Queens South Africa Medal,clasps :ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/BELMONT. Kings South Africa Medal, clasps: SOUTH AFRICA1901/SOUTH AFRICA1902,Brirtish War and Victory Medals,Defence Medal, and Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(EdwardVII) Corporal on Q.S.A.,Sergt on K.S.A.,W.O.1 on WW1 Pair,Q.M SJT Instructor on L.S.G.C.Medal. Charles Starkey Sykes was born in 1867 in Lincoln.He enlisted in the Lincolnshire Volunteers in 1889,and then enlisted in the Royal Engineers in 1892 He arrived in Salonika on 03/01/1917.He was an Instructor in Engineering.,Retiring as a Captain, 1928 Medals about very fine and better,court mounted,backing a little "tatty". Comes with two original photos of Sykes,original typed and signed record of his service,dated 1927. census returns,etc Nice Group.
GROUP OF SIX TO ROATH ROYAL ARTILLERY 1939/45 Star,Africa Star,Italy Star,Defence and War Medals,General Service Medal, (George VI) clasp: PALESTINE 1945-48 named to: 6090070 GNR R ROATH R.A. additionally marked DUPLICATE. Medals very fine and better,court mounted,the ribbons a little grubby
GROUP OF TEN TO PETTY OFFICER V.B.E.PALMER ROYAL NAVY-A SURVIVOR OF THE FAMOUS ITALIAN HUMAN-TORPEDO ATTACK ON H.M.S.VALIANT IN DECEMBER 1941 1939/45 Star,bar France and Germany;Africa Star;Pacific Star;Italy Star;War Medal 1939-45;Naval General Service Medal 1915-62 one clasp Palestine 1945-48 (Ldg Smn R.N.) number officially corrected;Queens Korea (Ldg Smn R.N.);Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal E.II.R.(Ldg Smn.,H.M.S.Pembroke), ship officially corrected.U.N.Korea,slight contact wear good very fine.Court mounted,a couple of Medals have adhesive tabs stuck to rear of Medals to hold them in place, but could easily removed. Comes with original parchment certificate of service,a well presented folder, with copied photos of the ships he served on,and two copied photos.Ex Spink Circular-1998-for full details of Palmer'career, see Spink Circular catalogue details,picture 3 Nice original lot
I.G.S.(1908) ROYAL WEST KENTS FORMERLY KENT CYCLIST BATTALION. I.G.S.(1908) Clasp AFGHANISTAN N.W.F.1919 Named to: 265567 PTE.A.G.DADSWELL ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT. Entitled to BWM/Victory Medal as T4-265567 Kent Cyclist Battalion. Medal about good very fine or better.
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL CLASP BHOOTAN-HOPKINS 80TH REGIMENT Indian General Service Medal,clasp: BHOOTAN Named to: 3163 G HOPKINS H.M.'S 80TH REGT. John Hopkins on Papers and Medal rolls. John Hopkins was born in 1834 in Ballintuber,Castlebar,Mayo, Ireland.He attested for the 80th Foot in 1853.Served in the Cape and India. Papers confirm entitlement to the I.G.S. Bhootan,plus the Indian Mutiny Medal,no clasp,and the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.He was discharged in 1874, having served 21 years and 21 days. Medal about very fine or better, with a little contact wear.
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL TO CHANDLER -NORFOLK REGIMENT India General Service Medal(1908) clasp WAZIRISTAN 1919-21 named to; 5764617 PTE.G.J.CHANDLER NORF R. Only Medal entitlement. Medal about extremely fine and toned.
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL(1908) AFGHANISTAN NWF 1919-CHANDLER-ROYAL WEST KENT R India General Service Medal 1908 clasp:AFGHANISTAN N.W.F.1919 Medal about extremely fine, with original ribbon. M.I.C.shows entitlement to a WWI Pair
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP JOWAKI-ELLIS 4TH RIFLE BRIGADE India General Service Medal,clasp: JOWAKI 1877-78. Named to: 2081 PTE.WILLM ELLIS 4 BN.RIFLE BDE. Medal extremely fine, with dark glossy tone. Confirmed on roll,also entitled to Afghanistan Medal, clasp ALI MUSJID
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP PERSIA-TO SERJT NEVILLE- BOMBAY SAPPERS AND MINERS India General Service Medal,(1854) clasp: PERSIA,named to: SERJT.F.NEVILLE BOMBAY SAPPERS AND MINERS.(Impressed naming)) Medal about very fine or better. Listed on the Roll of the Bengal Sappers and Miners,Europeans entitled to the Persian Medal. Frank Neville is shown on the Town Majors list of Europeans serving 1855,and the following information is given: Born Tunbridge, Kent Attested 30 January,1844.Arrived on the Herefordshire, 1846,on unlimited engagement, and in the Public Works Dept.He died in 1864. According to Asplins roll,only 22 Europeans, and 248 Natives of the Bombay Sappers and Miners received the I.G.S. clasp Persia. Sold with copied roll,etc
INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP WAZIRISTAN 1919-21-READING-NORFOLK REGIMENT India General Service Medal 1908,clasp: WAZIRISTAN 1919-21. Named to: 5764724 PTE.W.N.READING NORFOLK R. Medal good very fine. only Medal entitlement-later served as 72170 Norfolk Regiment
INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP AFGHANISTAN 1919-KINGSWOOD-ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT-SERVED KENT CYCLISTS Indian General Service Medal(1908) Clasp: AFGHANISTAN N.W.F.1919 Named to: 265660 PTE.T.W. KINGSWOOD R.W.KENT R. Medal is extremely fine,on original ribbon. Also received BWM/VICTORY-Also Served as TF/1465 Kent Cyclist Bn. Sold with copied Medal rolls,M.I.C etc.
INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP BURMA 1887-89 TO HARDCASTLE 2ND BTN LEICESTER REGIMENT Indian General Service Medal,clasp: BURMA 1887-89 Named to: 1869 LCE.CORPL. G HARDCASTLE 2ND BN LEIC R. Medal about nearly very fine,calsp tightened,file marks on edge of Medal,between "D" of 2nd and B of Btn, looks like an edge bruise,until viewed with a glass.
INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP HAZARA 1891-TO JORDAN-NO 9 MOUNTAIN BATTERY ROYAL ARTILLERY-DIED IN SOUTH AFRICA 1901-SERVING WITH THE 84TH BATTERY ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY Indian General Service Medal,clasp: HAZARA 1891 Named to: 67501 GUNNER F.W. JORDAN.NO9 MN.BY.R.A. May have been corrected on "JORDAN" but this looks to have been done officially, and is not very evident. Medal about good very fine,on original frayed ribbon and pin. Frederick William Jordan was born at Crowfield, Ipswich,and attested for the Royal Artillery at Great Yarmouth in 1888 aged 19 years. He died of Enteric at Pretoria on 14th February 1901 and is entitled to a 5 clasp Queens South Africa Medal,serving with the 84th Battery Royal Field Artillery which were heavily engaged in the Boer War.Set of Papers available online, which is unusual for a casualty of this period.
INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP PERAK-DOOLAN-1/3FOOT- EAST KENT REGIMENT Indian General Service Medal clasp PERAK.Named to: 1007 PTE J DOOLAN 1/3RD FOOT ( Engraved naming) Medal about good very fine. James Doolan was born in Kilmoughan Westmeath Ireland, and Attested for the 1/3rd Foot in 1864.Served India,Ireland and Malta.He completed 21 years service,and was discharged in 1888. Full set of papers available on Ancestry
INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP PERSIA-REILLY-2ND BOMBAY EUROPEAN LIGHT INFANTRY Indian General Service Medal-clasp PERSIA.Named to: J REILLY 2ND BOMBAY EUR.L.I. (Naming correctly impressed) Medal about good very fine .
INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-TO CAPTAIN SIMON-17TH DOGRA REGIMENT-DIED IN IRAQ-1942 India General Service Medal,clasp: NORTH WEST FRONTIER 1937-39 Named to: 2-LT R C SIMON 3-17 DOGRA R Medal extremely fine, on modern ribbon. Captain Richard Cleave Simon A1/759 17th Dogra Regiment,who died on 25th June 1942 aged 25. The Son of Lt-Col. P.A.Simon,formerly of the Royal Artillery and Mrs Simon,of Southwold,Suffolk. He is buried at the Basra War Cemetery.
INDIAN MUTINY MEDAL-CLASP LUCKNOW-DARBY-38TH REGT Indian Mutiny Medal,clasp: LUCKNOW Named to: W.A.DARBY 38TH REGT. Medal about good very fine,small e/nick dark toned.
INDIAN MUTINY MEDAL-LUCKNOW AND RELIEF OF LUCKNOW-23RD ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS-ARMY LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL TO STONE 12TH FOOT-WOUNDED AT THE ALMA Indian Mutiny Medal, clasps: LUCKNOW/RELIEF OF LUCKNOW. Named to: WM STONE 1ST BN.23RD R.W.FUSRS. Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(Victoria small letters),named to: 1843 PTE WILLM STONE 2ND BN.12TH FOOT. William Stone was born in the parish of St Phillip and St.Jacob Without, Bristol,in 1837, and attested for the 23rd Regt. in 1853, aged 16 years.He is also entitled to the Crimea Medal with Alma and Sebastopol clasps,and the Turkish Crimea Medal. He was wounded at the battle of the Alma,in the left shoulder and leg on 20th September 1854.He joined the 12th Foot in 1869,and was discharged in 1875,being unfit for further service. Medals about very fine,or better the Mutiny with contact wear, Comes with copied discharge papers,census returns
INDIAN SHOOTING MEDAL-OBVERSE ELEPHANT Indian Shooting Medal,obverse Elephant,crossed rifles below and PERSEVERE &TRIUMPH. Reverse: S.C.R.A. THE RUTHVEN CUP WINNERS 1933-34. All within wreath. Marked C.K.C.&SONS B'LORE Extremely fine,
INDIAN SHOOTING MEDAL-OBVERSE ELEPHANT Very attractive Indian Shooting Medal,obverse Elephant, beneth crossed rifles and the PERSEVERE AND TRIUMPH Reverse: S.C.R.A. LONG RANGE MATCH SERIES "A" WINNERS 1933-34 All within wreath.Silver., 39mm. marked: C.K.C & SONS B'LORE. Extremely fine
KHEDIVES STAR 1884-86 Khedives Star,dated 1884-86 Un-named as issued. About good very fine, slight wear to one point of star,due to contact with the Egypt Medal.
KINGS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-NAMED TO MOSS ROYAL DRAGOONS Kings South Africa Medal,clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902.Named to: 4903 PTE E MOSS RL DRAGOONS. Medal about extremely fine
KOREA MEDAL PAIR TO NASH -KINGS SHROPSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY Queens Korea Medal, named to: 22460394 PTE. T.NASH K.S.L.I. United Nations Korea Medal-with unofficial? Korean badge/device attached to ribbon. Also comes with Cap badge (no pin) Wembley and Kingsbury Schools Football League Medal Champons 1946-7 Alperton "T.NASH" Hllmarked silver darts Medal "T.NASH" G.C.S.C. 1954 and Royal Lifesaving Society Bronze Medal, named to: "T.NASH" An Eighth United States Army "Safe Conduct Pass" stating: It is hereby ordered that accomodations and good treatment be given to the bearer of this certificate and his followers.They have voluntarily disarmed themselves,ceased reistance, and surrender to the UN Forces in accordance with proper procedure.Signed JAMES A VAN FLEET Commanding General EUSAK. Reverse of certificate has presumably thge same wording in Chinese/Korean. Medals about good very fine, a little verdigris to the reverse of UN Medal. Nice original lot
KOREA PAIR TO CREW-ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS Queens Korea Medal (BRITT OMN) First type.Named to: 22546276 CPL T V CREW R.A.M.C. Medals good very fine, light file marks on naming on Queens Korea Medal
KOREA PAIR TO DUNN,ROYAL SIGNALS Korea Medal(BRITT-OMN) First type, Named to: 22548383 SIGMN A.DUNN R.SIGS. United Nations Korea Medal. Medals abot good very fine,on ribbons.
KOREA PAIR TO KIRKUP ROYAL MARINES British Korea Medal( BRITT OMN ) Namec to: PLY/X,5316 G.H. KIRKUP MNE. R.M. Together with United Nations Korea Medal About good very fine
KOREA PAIR TO WALLER ROYAL NORFOLK REGIMENT Queens Korea Medal (Legend:BRITT-OMN -1st type) Named to: 22429723 PTE R.C.WALLER R.NORFOLK. United Nations Korea Medal. About good very fine-mounted on card
KOREA,NAVAL GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL GROUP OF THREE TO ANDREWS- ROYAL NAVY Queens Korea Medal,United Nations Korea Medal,Naval General Service Medal,clasp: NEAR EAST.Named to: P/JX.850595 L.N. ANDREWS A.B.R.N. Medals about good very fine,on pin for wearing,couple of E/Nicks on Korea Medal. Also comes with group of three miniatures,medals ribbon bar,and ribbons as sewn on to a piece of uniform. All mounted on card for display.
LONG SERVICE MEDAL AND 1911 CORONATION PAIR-TO MORRISON-ROYAL DUBLIN FUSILIERS Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Edward VII ) 1911 Coronation Medal, un-named First named to: 1986 S MJR J MORRISON RL DUBLIN FUS. Medals extremely fine. Born 1867,St Mary's Cork, Ireland .Attested for the Royal Dublin Fusiliers 23 March 1885.Discharged 16th August 1914.Served for 29 Years, Full set of Attestation and discharge papers available online,which confirm entitlement to Medals. Scarce pair
LUSITANIA MEDAL Lusitania Medal No box or certificate. Medal in good condition with no rust marks.
M.B.E (CIVIL) LADIES ISSUE IN BOX OF ISSUE Order Of The British Empire Members badge (M,B.E.) Civil.(King and Queen) Ladies issue on bow,and in the original Royal Mint case of issue. Order is about extremely fine,case in good order.
M.B.E.GROUP OF NINE TO CHIEF SKIPPER EVERITT BARNARD SMITH-ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE AND MINISTRY OF ARICULTURE AND FISHERIES Group of nine Medals, as purchased from Family M.B.E. (Civil) in Royal mint box of issue. 1914/15 Star trio, named to: W.S.A. 1808 E.B.SMITH.SKR. R.N.R. 1939/45 Star,Atlantic Star,1939/45 War and Defence Medals,1953 Coronation Medal (in box) M.B.E.(London Gazette 01/06/1953) Everitt Barnard Smith Esq.,Skipper of the Fishing Vessel "Sir Lancelot" Everitt Barnard Smith was born in Southwold in 1885.He enlisted in the Royal Naval Reserve on 12/01/1915 and was living at Kessingland,Suffolk. He served in H.M.T "Restart" and then "Goldenchance" and "Hermione" On 26/01/1917 he was "Commander in Charge"Drifter Office".Supernumerary to H.M.T. "Allecto" ? for Special Duty 20/01/1917. Skipper E.B.Smith to be Group Officer of 2nd Division of 2nd ?????? of Drifters from 07/02/1917. Also served on H.D." Pride Of Buckie" "Golden Quest" and "Duchess" Smith was discharged to Reserve in 1923. in the 1940 Navy list, he is listed as Temporary Skipper,and in the 1943 list as Temporary Chief Skipper. He was awarded the M.B.E. in 1953 for his services in the Fishing Vessel "Sir Lancelot" a former Minesweeping Trawler built for the Royal Navy. and owned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Group comes with the following documents: original 1953 Coronation award parchment,to EVERITT BARNARD SMITH 3X letters from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries congratulating Smith on his award of the M.B.E.including one from The Fisheries Secretary Congratulating him on his award,and stating: "There is nobody sailing in our research vessels who better deserves such recognition of long and distinguished service to the fishing fleet. A letter from Kelvin Hughes,Marine Instrument makers congratulating "Captain" E.B.Smith on his award. Comes with further copied research. Medals very fine to extremely fine, all loose and unmounted, as purchased. Interesting lot, worthy of further research.
M.S.M. GROUP OF SEVEN TO ROBERTSON ARMY PAY CORPS 1939/45 Star,Africa Star,8th ARMY clasp,France and Germany Star,Defence and War Medals,Meritorious Service Medal (Elizabeth II Dei Gratia) Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,Elizabeth II with clasp:REGULAR ARMY Last two named to: 851384 W O CL2 J ROBERTSON R.A.P.C. Medals about good very fine and better,mounted on wearing bar. Also entitled to the Sierra Leone Independence Medal, (1961)which was originally mounted at the end of the group,information supplied by the original recipient.
M.V.O.5th CLASS IN COLLINGWOOD CASE OF ISSUE M.V.O.(Member of the Victorian Order 5th class in Collingwood box of issue,order is numbered 1071 (corresponding on on back of case) Comes with card suggesting that this was awarded to: Colonel Sir Edward Philip Le-Breton,a member of H.M. hon Corps of Gentlemen at Arms. Order is extremely fine,in Collingwood case of issue, also in good order.
MALAYA AND KOREA GROUP OF THREE TO LEADING TELEGRAPHER SMITH- ROYAL NAVY Naval General Service Medal ( GeorgeVI ), clasp MALAYA Queens Korea Medal, first type (BRITT OMN) United Nations Korea Medal. Named to: C/JX175823 P.SMITH LDG TEL R.N. Medals extremely fine.
MARGATE AMBULANCE CORPS-BRONZE AND ENAMELLED MEDAL IN RECOGNITION OF SERVICES RENDERED DURING THE GREAT WAR-AWARDED TO 2ND OFFICER MUNNS Margate Ambulance Corps Bronze and enamelled Medal Obverse: Margate Ambulance Corps on raised enamelled roundel with a scrolled border. Reverse: PRESENTED BY THE MARGATE TOWN COUNCIL IN RECOGNITION OF SERVICES RENDERED DURING THE GREAT WAR 1014-1918-Within a wreathed border. 37mm dia. Named to: 2ND OFFICER W.J.MUNNS. About extremely fine, spot of verdigris on reverse. After having carried out extensive searches for this Medal,I cannot find another extant example-D.N.W.sold a Margate Fire Brigade Medal with the same reverse, for 200 plus buyers premium. Must be rare!
MEDAL OF THE ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE IN ORGINAL JOHN PINCHES BOX Medal Of The Order of The British Empire,in original John Pinches box. Medal extremely fine or better, toned. Bottom of box a little worn Scarce
MEMORIAL PLAQUE,1914/15 STAR TRIO TO LEEDER, NORFOLK REGIMENT,KILLED IN ACTION 6TH NOVEMBER 1917-FROM SCOLE NORFOLK Bronze Memorial Plaque,named to Sidney Leeder 1914/15 Star trio,named to: 15568 PTE S.LEEDER NORF R. Plaque and Medals about extremely fine,British War Medal dark toned,on original faded ribbons,as removed by myself from a frame. 15568 Pte.Sidney Leeder 8th Btn.,Norfolk Regiment,was killed in action on 6th November,1917.The Son of Mrs Leeder of Memorial Cottages,Thelverton, Scole,Norfolk.He was born at Scole, Norfolk,and enlisted in Norwich.He is buried at the Duhallow A.D.S.Cemetery.
MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES,WW1/WW2 LONG SERVICE GROUP OF EIGHT TO TORPEDOEMAN COLEMAN,WITH LOTS OF ORIGINAL PAPERWORK,PARCHMENTS, ETC. British War Medal,Victory Medal,these named to: J.53091 A.C.COLEMAN A.B.R.N. 1939/45 Star,Atlantic Star,Africa Star, Defence and 1939/45 War Medal,with oak leaf.Royal Fleet Reserve,Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (GEORGE V Coinage Head-scarce) named to: J.53091(CH.B.220890) A.C.COLEMAN L.S.R.F.R. First two a little polished,otherwise extremely fine,the WW 2 Medals in box of issue, named to: Mr A.C.Coleman 1,North Terrace,Midsummer Common,Cambridge.Also comes with the Artic emblem badge,in Toye Kenning Spencer box,issued to veterans of the Artic Convoys. Alfred Charles Coleman was born in the parish of St Andrew the Less, Cambridge on 02/11/1900. He enlisted in the Royal Navy on 10/05/1916. He served on numerous Ships and Shore Depots including GANGES/VICTORY/QUEEN ELIZABETH( WW1) VERNON/PEMBROKE/WRESTLER/UNICORN/COLUMBINE/GREENWICH (VIMIERA)/EGMONT/PEMBROKE (ABDUL) ROYAL SOVEREIGN. He served until November 1930 and enlisted in the R.F.R.for 5 years from August 1931.He re-enrolled in the R.F.R.and served continously during WW2 from 31 August 1939 to 12 September 1945. He served on the following Ships during WW2: PEMBROKE/UNICORN II/TYNE/GREENWICH/VINDICTIVE/BALDWIN/NEMESIS. He was mentioned in dispatches,London Gazette: 30/05/1944. Group comes with a large amount of original papers including: His original parchment of service,detailing his full service. Original parchment Torpedo History Sheet,with several entries,from 1920 to 1930. Parchment Gunnery and Torpedo History Sheet, with entry whilst serving on the Queen Elizabeth. His original Trade Certificate-Seaman Torpedo Rating,qualifying as a Leading Torpedo Man. An original letter dated 22/06/1944 on official notepaper, "Dear Coleman,Hearty Congratulations on your well deserved mention in dispatches .I well know the work you and the other Torpedo men put into the job to make it a success.I hope you are going strongly still and continuing to harry the Bosch wherever you can find him.Yo had a good shot at it not long ago. Good Luck. Yours sincerely, Cambell". A Royal Navy Educational test certificate. A letter from the Royal Navy barracks Chatham,thanking him for the service he had rendered to the Royal Navy during two great Wars, signed by the Commodore. War Gratuity and Post War Credit of Wages slip. Order for release from Naval service,giving his address as: North Terrace, Midsummer Common,Cambridge. A release paper from the Registrar Royal Fleet Reserve. An original photo of Coleman, with his two brothers. An issue slip for the Medals,showing entitlement to 7 A scarce original lot to a Torpedo-man
MERCANTILE MARINE PAIR TO ROBERT GEORGE WHITE-BORN BRISTOL Mercantile marine Medal, and British War Medal pair,named to: ROBERT G WHITE. Medals about good very fine,on original stitched ribbons, and ribbon bar Born Bristol,1885 The only Robert G White on the Medal roll
MERCANTILE MARINE WAR MEDAL-H.R.GRIFFITHS AUSTRALIA 753-LATER 1453 AUSTRALIAN ROYAL FLYING CORPS Mercantile Marine War Medal. Named to: H.R.GRIFFITHS AUSTRALIA 753. Harold Roy Griffiths was born in Towerang,Goulburn,New South Wales in 1898. Served for 15 Months R.A.N Transports.Recalled by post master General. Attested for Royal Australian Flying Corps 15/09/1916.Served as Air Mechanic 2/ Wireless Operator.Trade given as Clerk/Wireless Operator He was selected for training as Flying Officer (Observer) 07/09/1918. His Mother is listed as living at 113,Bridge Road,Glebe,New South Wales. His full service record is available online as 1453 Royal Australian Flying Corps(35 pages) Medal good very fine,entitled to British War and Victory Medals for service with R.A.F.C. Scarce Medal, would make a very rare combination-cannot be many men who qualified for the three Medals in the Royal Australian Flying Corps.
MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL GROUP TO KEEN ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERT British War and Victory Medals,Meritorious Service Medal (GeorgeV) Pair named to: 17709 B.Q.M.SJTS KEEN R A Meritorious Service Medal named to: 17709 B.Q.M.SJT S KEEN R.F.A. Medals about good very fine,edge nick on M.S.M. Also entitled to a 1914/15 Star. Arrived in France 30/08/1915. M.S.M. London Gazette: 05/06/1919 Peace Gazette
MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL TO BLACKBURN-NORFOLK REGIMENT-FOR MESOPOTAMIA Meritorious Service Medal(George V) Named to: 19023 CPL.A.J.BLACKBURN 2/ NORFOLK R. London Gazette: 19/09/1919 only six men from the Norfolk Regiment received the MSM for Mesopotamia. Entitled to a 1914/15 star trio.He lived in Norwich,and died in 1970
MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL-GIBSON-ROYAL ARTILLERY Meritorious Service Medal (Victoria) Named to: COLOUR SERJT T GIBSON ROYAL ARTILLERY. Medal about good very fine, a few marks on obverse. Thomas Gibson was born in Lochmaben,Dumfries in 1805.He enlisted at Dumfries in 1824,and was discharged in 1862.He served at Gibraltar and Corfu,and was awarded the M.S.M.with Annuity in 1854.He retired as Quarter Master Sergeant in 1954 .He served a total of 38 Years.Thomas Gibson died in 1882. Comes with copied papers, census returns, death certificate and further research.
MESSINA EARTHQUAKE MEDAL Messina Earthquake Medal,fitted with ring suspension, but no ribbon. About very fine,showing some contact wear.
METROPOLITAN POLICE 1887 JUBILEE MEDAL WITH 1897 CLASP-NAMED TO WIGHTMAN-E-DIVISION Metropolitan Police 1887 Jubilee Medal, with 1897 clasp-named to: P.C.W. WIGHTMAN E.DIVN Extremely fine,on original stitched ribbon
METROPOLITAN POLICE 1887 JUBILEE MEDAL WITH 1897 CLASP-TO WILLIS F DIVISION Metropolitan Police 1887 Jubilee Medal, with 1897 clasp. Named to: PC. F WILLIS F DIVN (Paddington) Medal about extremely fine
MILITARY CROSS -GEORGE V-IN ORIGINAL BOX Military Cross( George V) in original case of issue, complete with top wearing pin. Cross extremely fine,toned.Case in good order,few chips and scuff marks.
MILITARY GENERL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP VIMIERA-JOHN BUDGELL 9TH FOOT Military General Service Medal,clasp:VIMIERA,named to: JOHN BUDGELL 9TH FOOT (East Norfolk Regiment) About extremely fine,a couple of edge nicks. Born Yeovil, Somerset,born 1790 enlisted aged 18.Served 1908 to 1814. Only 124 single Vimiera clasps issued. Ex Cheylesmore collection 1930.Hayward 1975,DNW 2014. Sold with folder of research.
MILITARY MEDAL GROUP OF FOUR TO MOORES-16TH LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS (SALFORD PALS)) DOUBLE V.C. ACTION-TO MOORES BEING A NATIVE OF SALFORD. Military Medal( George V) 1914/15 Star trio. Military Medal,named to: 11849 PTE.J. MOORES 16/LAN FUS. 1914/15 Star trio,named to: 11849 PTE.J.MOORES LAN.FUS. M.M. London Gazette 23/07/1919 (Salford) "Attack and crossing of Sambre Oise Canal".4th November 1918. 2 Victoria Crosses, 2 X D.S.O's,one D.C.M,12x M.C's and 14x M.M.'s awarded to the 15th/16th Lancashire Fusiliers for this action. Comes with extensive research,including group photo of Moores,photo of this actual Medal group as pictured on page 205 in Michael Stedmans book "The Salford Pals"published by Leo Cooper & Co (1993) .copies of the war diaries,maps and extract from the Lancashire Fusiliers 1914-18,all in a home-made folder. Excellent group for a double V.C. action-among the last V.C.'s of WW1 Medals good very fine,slight contact wear on M.M.
MILITARY MEDAL GROUP OF FOUR TO WHITE-1/6th ROYAL IRISH RIFLES-FROM DUBLIN Military Medal,(George V) named to:3-7859 CPL-A.SJT: W.WHITE 6/R.IR RIF: 1914/15 Star trio, named to: 7859 L.CPL.W WHITE.R.IR.RIF(A SJT on pair) Medals very fine or better,on original but grubby ribbons,and mounted on pin as worn.(Would benefit from being re-mounted) Military Medal,London Gazette 25th June 1918; 3/7859 Cpl (A.Sjt) W.White, R I Rifles (Dublin)-most probably awarded for Egypt. Arrived in the Balkan Theatre,28/08/1915,later service with the Royal Irish Fusiliers.Sold with copied London Gazette details, M.I.C. Scarce group.
MILITARY MEDAL GROUP OF FOUR-TO FRAZER-18TH DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY-DURHAM PALS-LATER COMMISSIONED Military Medal ( George V) Named to: 18-489 L CPL A FRAZER 18/DUR L.I. 1914/15 Star trio 18-489 PTE A FRAZER DUR L.I. (Cpl on pair) Medals about good very fine and better. London Gazette 26th April 1917. Pte Alfred Frazer arrived in France on 22/12/1915 He was commissioned on 31/10/1917 He was discharged on 18/07/1918-entitled to a SWB
MILITARY MEDAL,BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS-WITH GALLANTRY CARD-TO BLATCHFORD,1/ROYAL WARWICKS Military Medal,British War and Victory Medals. MM named to: 40950 PTE.W.F.BLATCHFORD I/R.WAR.R. British War and Victory Medals named to: 40950 CPL.W.F.BLATCHFORD.R.WAR.R. Comes with 4th Division Gallantry card,which reads: "The Major General Commanding 4th Division has received a report of the gallant conduct of 40950 Private W.Blatchford,1st. Bn.Royal Warwick Regt.and he wishes to congratulate him on his fine behavior. dated 4.XI.18 Signed Major General Commanding 4th Division. With original slip of paper Extract from Supplement to the London Gazette dated 23-7-19.Awarded the Military Medal for bravery in the field.No.40950 Pte. Blatchford, W.F.1st..Bn. R.War.R.(Bristol). Also comes with miniature medal bar. Medals are extremely fine,card good condition.Also comes with copied London Gazette,M.I.C.War diary entry,census records,etc.
MILTARY MEDAL GROUP OF FOUR TO BEECROFT CANADIAN MOTOR MACHINE GUN MOUNTED TRANSPORT Military Medal,named to: 45505 PTE-A.SJT: -A BEECROFT CAN M.M.G.M.T.COY. 1914/15 Star trio named to: 45505 PTE A BEECROFT CAN: M.M.G. BDE. M.M.London Gazette 20/08/1919. Medals about good very fine. Also comes with a fine photo of Beecroft with his Wife. A letter from Buck Palace "The Queen and I wish you God-Speed and a safe return to your homes and loved ones.A grateful Mother Country is proud of of tour spendid services caharacterized by unsurpassed devotion and courage. A letter from the Major-General Adjutant General Canadian Militia: His Majesty the King has been graciously pleased to authorize the issue of the 1914-15 Star,which I am directed,by the Honourable the Minister of Militia and Defence to convey to you herewith. A letter dated 11th December 1919, informing Beecroft he has been awarded the Military Medal. A Canadian C.M.G.D silk. A Mahogany box,lined with green baize,with four compartments,each to hold one of the Medals,with a brass plaque let into the top of the box: 45505 SJT A BEECROFT M.M. CANADIAN M.M.G.BDE.M.T.COY Arthur Beecroft was born 24th August 1888 at Stoneham Aspel, Stowmarket.He emigrated sometime to Canada and joined Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade on 19/09/1914.He trade is given as a Chauffeur/Mechanic.He was living in Toronto at the time of his enlistment. 40 pages of his service records are available on the Canadian Government Archives. A super original lot.
MSM GROUP OF FOUR TO HIGGINS-ROYAL ENGINEERS 1914 Star,named to: 15806 2 CPL H.HIGGINS R.E. Victory Medal named to: 15806 CPL.H.B. R.E. Long Service and Good Conduct Medal(GeorgeV swivelling suspension) named to; 1854447 SJT.H.B.HIGGINS. R.E. Meritorious Service Medal(GeorgeVI) named to: 1854447C.Q.M.SJT H.B.HIGGINS R.E. Served with 127th Company,Royal Engineers,arrived in France on 08/09/1914. Medals very fine to extremely fine,with a little contact wear on WWI and Long Service Medal.(BWM Missing)
NATAL CORONATION MEDAL-1902-LARGER SIZE Natal Coronation Medal,1902 See Medal News 305 A This is the 29mm Medal, and is believed to have been given to local dignitaries. Medal about good very fine, and toned-holed, but no suspension ring or ribbon.,
NATIONAL EMERGENCY MEDAL-GENERAL STRIKE-IN BOX OF ISSUE National Emergency Medal 1926 in original leather box of issue Bronze 50mm Extremely fine
NAVAL CASUALTY GROUP AND LARGE SILVER NAVAL SCHOOL MEDAL? TO KENNETH ROBERT LAMBERT-H.M.S. ALGERINE -SUNK BY AN ITALIAN SUBMARINE- BOUGIE ALGERIA 1942 1939/45 Star,Italy Star,1939/45 War Medal,together with "The Johnson Medal"-Presented in memory of E.S.ROSCOE.Named to Kenneth Lambert. This is a fine, silver medal,which depicts Samuel Johnson on the Obverse,and weighs 67 Grams (over 2 ounces) Comes with casualty slip named to:Kenneth Robert Lambert. PJX 358793 Ordinary Seaman Kenneth Robert Lambert died on the 15/11/1942,serving on H.M.S.ALGERINE. The Son of Robert Lambert and Bessie Adeline Lambert,of Holburn,London.He is commemorated on the Portsmouth Memorial. H.M.S.Algerine was off Bougie, Algeria laying mines when she was sunk by two torpedoes fired by the Italian Adua class Submarine Ascianghi, commanded by Lieutenant Commander Rino Erler.32 men were resued, but only 8 survived. Medals extremely fine, group as purchased.
NAVAL GENERAL SERVICE GROUP OF FOUR TO McMASTER H.M.S. FOX Naval General Service Medal, clasp: PERSIAN GULF 1909-1914 Named to: PLY 15144 PTE .A. MC MASTER R.M.L.I. H.M.S. FOX. 1914/15 Star trio, named to: PLY 15144 PTE. A. MCMASTER R.M.L.I. Alexander Mc Master was born in 1892 in Glasgow.Joined the Royal Marines in 1910.He joined H.M.S.Fox in July 1914 and served in her until 28 October 1915.He then served on H.M.S ".Revenge" from 30 June 1916 until 29 May 1918.He was discharged 16 September 1920. H.M.S Fox was employed for three years in the Persian Gulf,on anti gun-running duties,and Mcmaster would probably have been on "boarding" parties to inspect suspect Ships.At the outbreak of of WW1,H.M.S. Fox was sent to East Africa escorting troop ships,and employed in the search for the "Konisberg". There is an article online that describes all the service of H.M.S.Fox during his time on her. Medals about good very fine, the trio shows evidence of having been "lacquered" at some time, but this does not detract. Mounted on board for display,also comes with copied papers,Medal Rolls,etc.
NAVAL GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-CLASP NAVARINO-JOSEPH MCLEOD-LANDSMAN H.M.S.DARTMOUTH Naval General Service Medal (1848) Named to: JOSEPH MC CLEOD.(Correctly impressed naming) Medal about good very fine,toned,several e/nicks Unique name on roll,served as a Landsman on H.M.S. Dartmouth
NAVAL GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL-NEAR EAST-P.O.M. ANDERSON Naval General Service Medal,clasp: NEAR EAST.Named to: D/KX.869325 I D ANDERSON P.O.M. (E) R N Medal about Good very fine
NAVAL GROUP 1914/15 STAR TRIO-VICTORIA LONG SERVICE MEDAL-DIED ON H.M.S.VIKNOR JANUARY 1915 ALONG WITH CAPTURED GERMAN SPIES- KING-ARMOURER PENSIONER 1914/15 Star trio, named to: 132458 W KING ARMR .R.N. Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,(Victoria, narrow suspension) named to W.KING ARMOURER H.M.S.TRAFALGAR. Medals extremely fine,trio on original silk full lenghth ribbons. Armourer pensioner William King,132458 H.M.S.Viknor died on 13th January 1915.Commemorated on the Portsmouth Memorial. William King was born at Northfleet,Kent,on13/09/1864. He served on various Ships and Shore establishments, including: Pembroke/Excellent/Tourmaline/Ringarooma/Crescent/Victory/Resolution/Vernon/Trafalgar/Royal Sovereign/Duke of Wellington/Hannibal/Latona/Tamar/Nelson/Cressy and Viknor. In January,1915, H.M.S. Vikonor was ordered to apprehend the SS Bergenfjord which was suspected of carrying German Spies.(British intelligence had been tipped off that persons boarding the ship in New York as neutral citizens,were in fact German Reservists) She was duly apprehended North-East of the Pharoe Islands,and a boarding party searched the ship,and two Stowaways and Six Gemans were found aboard.One of the Ships passenger list was a Mexican, Rosato Spiro, who admitted on close examination to be Baron H.Wedell,a notorious arch-spy of the German Secret Service.Another passenger, listed as a Norwegian,Dr Rasmus Bjomstad was aslo suspect.They were removed to Viknor,and a prize crew put aboard the Norwegian Vessel, which headed for Kirkwall.On the night of 15th January, the Viknor was lost off Tory Island,with the loss of all hands,and the German spies..She was believed to have hit a mine, or sunk in the heavy seas-no distress signal was received.
NAVAL MSM LONG SERVICE GROUP OF FIVE TO LE BRUN- FROM NEWPORT, WALES,FAMILY ORIGINALLY FROM JERSEY 1914/15 Star Trio,named to: 199723 G.J.LE BRUN P.O.TEL.,R.N.(G.T.LE BRUN on Star) Royal Navy Merritorius Service MedaL, named to: 199723 G.J.LE BRUN C.P.O. TEL ROXBURGH 1917-18 Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (George V) Named to: 199723 G.J. LE BRUN P.O.(TEL) H.M.S. ROXBURGH. The award of the Meritorious Service Medal was published in the London Gazette dated 15th Feb 1919 " The following awards have been approved: To receive the Meritorious Service Medal.For Services in Cruisers employed on Escort,Covoy,and Patrol duties during 1917 and 1918 C.P.O.Teleg.George John Le Brun,ON199723 (Ch)" George John Le Brun was born on 27/07/1882 in Newport, Mon. He enlisted in the Royal Navy on 27/07/1900. He served in numerous Ships and on many Shore establishments including: CALEDONIAN/AGINCOURT/PEMBROKE/REPULSE/AUDACIOUS/VENERABLE/MINERVA/VERNON/LORD NELSON/VINDICTIVE/IMPREGNABLE/DIDO/ROXBURGH/ST VINCENT/AFRIKANDER. His WW1 Service was on DIDO(LUCIFER) from 05/08/1914 to 18th July 1915.He joined ROXBURGH on 19th July 1915 and served on her until 10/04/1919.He was shore invalided on 16th March 1920 and received his L.S.G.C. Medal on 13/09/1915. Sold with an original photo of Le Brun in uniform,wearing his L.S.G.C.Medal,and comes with copied papers and research,showing that his Father and Grand-Father were born in St.Helier, Jersey.Le Brun died in Hull in 1960. Medals are about extremely fine,L.S.G.C.heavily impressed,BWM suspension loose,slight staining on star and Victory Medal.reverse of ribbons has paper and glue residue, having previously been stuck down on card for display Scarce group.
NEW ZEALAND MEDAL-DATED 1863-66-LARRY SETCHELL-50TH QUEENS OWN REGIMENT-ALSO SERVED IN AUSTRALIA 1866-69 New Zealand Medal,dated 1863-66, named to: LARRY SETCHELL,50TH QNS OWN RGT.(Royal West Kent) Medal about good very fine, on modern ribbon. Larry Setchell was born in Gamblingay,Cambridgeshire in 1839,and attested for the 22nd Regiment in 1860.He transferred to the 50th foot in 1863. He served in New Zealand from 15th November 1863 to 8th October 1866,and in Australia from 9th October 1866 to 14th June 1869.Home service until July 1882.
NORTH SOMERSET YEOMANRY 1914 STAR TRIO,SPECIAL CONSTABULARY MEDAL. 1914 Star Trio, named to: 701 pte.J. Parker, 1/1 North Somerset Yeomanry.together with a George VI Special Constabulary Medal,named to:James Parker.Arrived in France on 1-11-1914 Medals are about extremely fine, no ribbons.Small patch of verdigris on reverse of spec constab Medal.Scarce trio.
OPERATION TELIC AND AFGHANISTAN GROUP OF THREE TO TORA-R.A.M.C- OF FIJIAN DESCENT Iraq Medal,no clasp,Operational Service MedaL,clasp AFGHANISTAN. Diamond Jubilee Medal, 2012. First two named to: 25172905 PTE S T TORA RAMC (CPL on O.S.M.) Medals good very fine,loose court mounted. Apparently, according to details supplied with the group, Tora was of Fijian descent.
ORDER OF THE LEAGUE OF MERCY Order of the League of Mercy. Silver and enamelled badge. In original Elkington box of issue. A fine badge with all enamelling intact,and most of original gilt finish remaining.
PAIR AND PLAQUE BAXTER QUEENS(ROYAL WEST SURREY) REGIMENT British War Medal/Victory Medal,Bronze Memorial Plaque-EDWARD BAXTER.Medals named: G-7132 E.BAXTER THE QUEEN'S R. Died at Home,13/07/1916 The Son of Montgomery and Kate Baxter. Born Hammersmith,enlisted at Southwark. Buried at Sutton Cemetery. Medals and plaque about extremely fine, also comes with letter from Army Accounts referring to the settlement of Baxters Army Account.
POLICE EXEMPLARY SERVICE MEDAL-TO CONST.CHARLES F EDWARDS Police Exemplary Service Medal (George VI) Named to: CONST.CHARLES F EDWARDS. Medal extremely fine
POLICE EXEMPLARY SERVICE MEDAL-TO GEORGE W MANIFOLD-CITED IN A MURDER TRIAL AS BEING THE OTHER MAN-THE ACCUSED BEING SENTENCED TO DEATH Police Exemplary Service Medal(George VI) Named to: GEORGE W MANIFOLD. Medal about good very fine Ex Inspector George William Manifold was named in a murder trial as being the "other man". Agnes Hale, was killed by her husband John Brackly Hale, a 53 year old Train driver, who was condemned to death at Leeds assizes.Hale was alleged to have killed his Wife n November 23rd 1948, after finding a photograph of Inspector Manifold in her handbag.Hale's Son, Peter Nelson Hale had found Mrs Hale on the kitchen floor,she was severely injured, and his Father was on the floor suffering from Gas poisoning.He had left sealed letters, one of which was addressed to the Home Secretary a 7,000 word statement, blaming ex Inspector Manifold for his Wife's death.This letter was read out in court,but had no bearing on the jury as he was sentenced to death.Ex-Inspector Manifold was present in court, standing to hear sentence passed, before leaving court with his Wife and Children. It is possible that the the Medal offered here has no rank as he was dismissed from the service or demoted? See Yorkshire Post, 28th January 1949 for a report on the trial. A full account of the trial is available from the National Archives. John Brackley Hale died in prison 6th April 1956, his original sentence having being commuted
PUNJAB MEDAL-CLASPS GOOJERAT-CHILIANWALA-TO C HARRIS 3RD LIGHT DRAGOONS-DIED 29/12/1850- Punjab Medal-Clasps: GOOJERAT/CHILIANWALA. Named to: C.HARRIS,3RD LIGHT DRAGOONS. Medal is good very fine, but a few marks on obverse rim-does not detract. Charles Harris Died 29/12/1850.
QUEEN ELIZABETH II-DIAMOND JUBILEE MEDAL 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, 2012 Medal extremely fine, on original ribbon and wearing pin.
QUEEN ELIZABETH II-GOLDEN JUBILEE MEDAL -2002 Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal 2002 Meda extremely fine, on original ribbon and pin for wearing
QUEENS KOREA MEDAL-HOLT MIDDLESEX REGT Queens Korea Medal (BRITT OMN),named to: 22221611 PTE.J.HOLT MX. Medal abut extremely fine.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA AND IMPERIAL SERVICE MEDAL-TO FREDERICK RUSSELL 19TH HUSSARS Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902. Named to: 3051 PTE F RUSSELL 19TH HUSSARS. Imperial Service Medal,(George V Coinage head) named to: FREDERICK RUSSELL. Medals are good very fine/extremely fine.1901/1902 clasps on South Africa Medal has a piece of wire for attachment to Transvaal clasp. Imperial Service Medal,London Gazette 22nd March 1929."Frederick Russell Postman,Leeds" Frederick James Russell was born in Callesley,Daventry, Northamptonshire, in 1869.He atteste for the 19th Hussars in 1887, He was discharged in 1899, and re-enlisted in 1899 for a further period of four years. Comes with coped Medal rolls showing entitlement, and copy of London Gazette page.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA AND KINGS SOUTH AFRICA PAIR TO DURDEN-T BATTERY ROYAL HORSE ARTILLERY Queens South Africa Medal,with very clear "Ghost dates"clasps: REL OF KIMBERLEY/PAARDEBERG/DRIEFONTEIN/BELFAST.Namec to: 80601 GNR F.DURDEN T BTY:R.H.A. Kings South Africa Medal,clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902.Named to: 80601 GNR:F DURDEN R.H.A. Medals about good very fine,on original ribbons. Frederick Durden was born in the parish of Lugh,Sherborne, Dorset and attested for the Royal Artillery on 6th September 1890 aged 19 years.He served in India and South Africa,and was discharged in 1902. Comes with large size set of papers.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL 35TH COY IMP YEOMANRY (MIDDLESEX) Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901. Named to: 23982 PTE G TAYLOR 35TH COY IMP YEO. Medal about good very fine. George Taylor was born in St Pancras, London and attested for the Imperial Yeomanry in 1901. Clasps confirmed on roll.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL AND MILITIA LONG SERVICE PAIR TO NORTH 4/BEDFORDS Queens South Africa Medal(ghost dates),clasps: CAPE COLONY/TRANSVAAL Named to: 1137 PTE.J.NORTH BEDFORD REGT. Militia Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Edward VII) named to: 4455 PTE.J.NORTH 4/BEDFORD REGT. (only 6 to regiment) awarded 1905.On faded original ribbon. Medals about very fine or better,Q.S.A has two or three e/nicks. Q.S.A.confirmed to roll, serving with 4th Bedfords (Milita Btn) A very scarce pair.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL TO DAVEY-RIFLE BRIGADE Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1902. Named to: 7192 PTE J DAVEY RIFLE BRIGADE. Medal good very fine,one edge bruise. Born Peckham,London.Papers available online
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL TO TURNER 44TH COY IMPERIAL YEOMANRY-DIED OF DISEASE Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL. Named to: 21394 TPR C W TURNER 44TH COY IMP YEO. 31294 C.W.Turner died of disease on 25th May 1901 at Kroonstad. Medal about good very fine
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL, GURRY, 9TH LANCERS Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE. Named to: 4393 pte.e.gurry 9th Lancers. Verified to Roll. Medal is about good very fine.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL,CATCHPOLE,12TH LANCERS Queens South Africa Medal,2 clasps: CAPE COLONY/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 Named to: 5422 Pte.J.Catchpole, 12th Rl: Lancers Medal about extremely fine,one small e/k.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-4 CLASPS-CHEALES 7TH CO 4TH IMPERIAL YEOMANRY(LEICESTERSHIRE)-WITH NICE CABINET PHOTO OF CHAELES ON HIS HORSE Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/TRANSVAAL/WITTEBERGEN/SOUTH AFRICA 19019(Last loose on ribbon) Clasps confirmed on roll. Named to: 2130 PTE A CHEALES 7TH COY 4TH IMP.YEO. Sold with a superb cabinet photo by Claron- Pickering of Leicester- Showing Cheales on his mount.Annotated on reverse: Alan Edgar Cheales Lecester Yeomanry. Medal about good very fine,on original ribbon, photo excellent condition.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-5 CLASPS -WILSON 51 ST CO IMPERIAL YEOMANRY (PAGET'S HORSE) Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 ( last two clasps loose,and bottom fixing lugs on South Africa 1901 clasp missing) Named to: 29814 PTE C E WILSON 51st COY IMP YEO.(Paget's Horse) Medal good very fine,suspension refixed and loose. Charles Edward Wilson was born in the parish of Clapham,Surrey, and attested for Paget's Horse on 25th February 1901.Previous service in the Queens Westminster, and Royal West Surrey Regiment.He was discharged 11/08/1902.Comes with copied medal roll,which shows entitlement to all clasps.Also comes Militia attestation for service in the Royal West Surrey Militia,which he joined in 1895,aged 24 years, trade given as Clerk .
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-5 CLASPS-TO WALKER-ROYAL DRAGOONS Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902. Named to: 4761 PTE.J.W.WALKER 1ST RL DRAGOONS. Medal extremely fine, SA1901/SA1902 clasps loose on ribbon. James William Walker was born in Brixton, London in 1882 and attested for the Royal Dragoons in April, 1900. Clasps confirmed on roll
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-BURDEN WEST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT Queens South Africa Medal,(ghost dates) clasp: CAPE COLONY. Named to: 2996 PTE E BURDEN W YORK: REGT. Medal about very fine,dark toned
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-CARLYLE-PRINCE ALFRED'S VOLUNTEER GUARD Queens South Africa Medal, clasps:CAPE COLONY/SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902. Medal named to: 1778 PTE W CARLYLE PRINCE ALF:VOL: GD: Medal extremely fine or better, sold with a Prince Alfred Guard button. Clasps confirmed on roll-copy supplied with medal.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-COULSON-EAST YORKS REGT Queens South Africa Medal, no clasp, named to: 3289 PTE. F.COULSON.E.YORK.REGT. Medal about extremely fine. Confirmed on roll,entitled to CAPE COLONY/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 clasps.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-DEFENCE OF LADYSMITH TO COLEY 19TH HUSSARS DIED OF DISEASE IN LADYSMITH ON 2ND FEBRUARY 1900 Queens South Africa Medal, (With clear "Ghost dates") clasp: DEFENCE OF LADYSMITH. Nmed to: 4160 PTE A CLEY 19TH HUSSARS Medal extremely fine,engraved naming. Died of disease at Ladysmith 02 February 1900
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-FOUR CLASPS INCLUDING RHODESIA-TO POWELL 67TH COMPANY (SHARPSHOOTERS)-IMPERIAL YEOMANRY Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/RHODESIA/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL Named to: 15539 CPL.A.FOWELL.67TH COY 18TH IMP:YEO.. Medal about good very fine. Clasps confirmed on roll.Also entitled to South Africa 1901 clasp
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-GREENSLADE-25TH CO IMPERIAL YEOMANRY(WEST SOMERSET)-A FARMER FROM BRIDGEWATER IN SOMERSET Queens South Africa Medal,five clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/JOHANNESBURG/DIAMOND HILL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901 Medal named to: 7801 PTE S,E GREENSLADE 25TH CO 7TH IMP YEO. Medal about extremely fine,last clasp fixed by wire.All clasps confirmed on rolls,He was attached to the Privisional Transvaal Constabulary from 19/06/1900 until: 14/10/1900,and is listed on a seperate roll for this. Samuel Greenslade was born in Bridgewater, Somerset, his trade on enlistment given as Farmer-he was discharged in Southa Africa and lived in Pretoria,and worked at the Railway Works as a fitter.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-HARMAN-18TH HUSSARS Queens South Africa Medal,clasp: TRANSVAAL. Named to: 4842 PTE W HARMAN.18TH HUSSARS. Medal about good very fine. William Thomas Harman was born in 1881, in Holloway London. He attested for the 18th Hussars on 1sy May,1899. Full set of papers online
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-HASTIE-KAFFRARIAN RIFLES Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: CAPE COLONY/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 Named to: 2196 PTE R HASTIE.KAFFRARIAN RIF. Medal about good very fine-smaller lettering-possibly a later issue,and roll only shows entitlement to the CAPE COLONY clasp.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-HASWELL-WEST PROVINCIAL MOUNTED RIFLES Queens South Africa Medal, clasp: CAPE COLONY. Named to: 113 TPR H.C.HASWELL W.PROV.M.R. Medal about extremely fine. Confirmed on roll,also entitled to South Africa 1901 clasp.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-HAYLER PORT ELIZABETH TOWN GUARD Queens South Africa Medal, no clasp,named to: 339 L.CPL. E.R.HAYLER. P.ELZBTH T.G. Medal about extremely fine,Confirmed on roll
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-HERON-KITCHENER'S HORSE Queens South Africa Medal, clasps;CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/SOUTH AFRICA 1901. Medal about very fine,with one small edge bruise. Clasps confirmed on roll
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-HILL-KITCHENER'S FIGHTING SCOUTS Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL. Named to: 981 TPR S.HLL.KITCHENER'S F.S. Medal about nearly extremely fine. Clasps confirmed on roll.The roll for the 1st Kitchener's Fighting Scouts also shows him on the roll for South Africa 1901 clasp.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-HOBAN WEST RIDING REGIMENT Queens South Africa Medal,clasp CAPE COLONY named to: 3026 CORL. T. HOBAN W RIDING REGT confirmed to roll.He attested for the Territorial Force on 7th October 1914 aged 47,and lived at 126 Pollard Street,Leeds.He was discharged on 20/02/1917 having served with the Royal Defence Corps,and was entitled to the Silver Wounds badge. Medal is good very fine,toned. Comes with copied Mead Rolls,attestation papers,etc.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-KINGS ROYAL RIFLE CORPS-SMITH DIED OF DISEASE Queens South Africa Medal(clear ghost dates) clasps: CAPE COLONY/TUGELA HEIGHTS/RELIEF OF LADYSMITH. Named to:PTE.R.W.SMITH K.R.R.C. Died of disease at Maritzburg. Smith is on the published roll as being entitled to: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/LAING'S NECK and SOUTH AFRICA 1901. Medal is good extremely fine,e/nick,toned and clasps look to be as issued.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-McPHERSON GORDON HIGHLANDERS Queens South Africa Medal clasp: CAPE COLONY. Named to: 3090 PTE.J.McPHERSON GORDON HIGHLANDERS. Confirmed on roll.Invalided-also entitled to India 1895 Medal. Medal extremely fine.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-ROTHWELL-VOLUNTEER CO EAST LANCS REGT Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901.Named to: 7296 PTE F ROTHWELL VOL: COY.E.LANC: REGT Medal about very fine or better, a couple of edge bruises,on original ribbon. Clasps verified to roll.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-SAMUEL-5Ist CO ( PAGET'S HORSE) IMPERIAL YEMANRY- Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901. Named to: 13623 PTE. W.SAMUEL, 51ST CO.IMP. YEO. Medal nearly extremely fine. Wilfred Samuel was born in Cardiff,Glamorganshire, in 1876.He attested for the Imperial Yeomanry in January 1900.His trade given was an Accountant Full set of papers online
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-SIX CLASPS TO TRAILL-KITCHENERS HORSE Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/PAARDEBERG/DRIEFONTEIN/JOHANNESBURG/DIAMOND HILL/WITTEBERGEN. Medal about good very fine,clasps toned. Scarce six clasp medal,sold with large size medal rolls showing entitlement to South Africa 1901 clasp,and service with the Cape Garrison Artillery (M.I.)
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-SPEDDING JOHANNESBURG MOUNTED RIFLES Queens South Africa Medal, clasp: TRANSVAAL. Named to: 101 TPR T SPEDDING JOHANNESBURG M.R. Medal about extremely fine Clasp confirmed on roll-also entitled to the South Africa 1902 clasp. Copies of Medal rolls supplied with Medal
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-TO ANDERSON-CAPE COLONY CYCLISTS CORPS Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/SOUTH AFRICA 1901. Named to: 31086 PTE J P ANDERSON C.C.C.C. Medal about good very fine. Clasps confirmed on roll.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-TO EDMONDS 10TH HUSSARS Queens South Africa Medal, clasp: TRANSVAAL Named to: 4237 PTE A EDMONDS 10TH HUSSARS. Medal about good very fine,and nicely toned.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-TO EVANS-KITCHENERS FIGHTING SCOUTS Queens South Africa Medal, clasps : CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901. Named to: 1561 TPR R.C. EVANS KITCHENER'S F.S.Medal about good very fine, dark toned. Clasp confirmed to roll Ernest Christmas Evans
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-TURNER R.A.M.C-DIED OF DISEASE Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE. Named to: 13065 PTE.R.A.TURNER R.A.M.C. Died of disease 02/12/1900 at Bloemfontein.He is listed on the Gun Hill Road Memorial,R.A.M.C. at Aldershot. Medal is good very fine,and attractively toned,on original ribbon.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-WHITE CAPE POLICE DISTRICT 1 Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE.Named to: 57 CPL. G.H. WHITE CAPE P.D. 1. Medal about very fine,surfaces pitted. Claps confirmed on roll-discharged medically unfit
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL-WOOD RAND RIFLES Queens South Africa Medal no clasp, named to: 2591 PTE C WOOD RAND RIFLES. Medal about extremely fine,obverse toned. Confirmed on roll
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA MEDL TO CAMPION -ROBERT'S HORSE-ALSO SERVED WITH VALLENTIN'S HEIDELBERG VOLUNTEERS Queens South Africa Medal,clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1901. Named to: 9125 TPR J T CAMPION ROBERTS HORSE. Medal about extremely fine. Clasps confirmed on roll. Also served as 218154 pte J Campion,Vallentin's Heidelberg Volunteers On roll for the V.H.L for Transvaal clasp.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA- SOUTH AFRICAN CONSTABULARY Queens South Africa Medal.Clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL. Named to: 678 3rd.Cl TPR W.S.J.Bond S.A.C Also entitled clasps SA1901 /SA1902. Medal abou GOODt very fine,with ribbon
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA/KINGS SOUTH AFRICA PAIR TO LANE 5TH LANCERS Queens South Africa Medal,with ghost dates,Clasps: CAPE COLONY/ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL Named to: 3326 PTE G LANE 5: R.LANCERS Kings South Africa Medal,clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902. Medals about good very fine Confirmed on roll-5th Lancers Reservists attached to the 12th Lancers
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA/KINGS SOUTH AFRICA PAIR TO SMITH- LEICESTER REGIMENT Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: TALANA/DEFENCE OF LADYSMITH/LAINGS/ NEK/BELFAST Named to: 4053 PTE.A.SMITH. I: LEIC: REGT Kings South Africa Medal,clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902.Named to: 4053 PTE. A. SMITH. LEICESTER: REGT Medals confirmed on rolls. Medals extremely fine with blue toning, which is a little patchy due to Obverse of the Medals being laquered at some time, which has now worn off. Good clasp combination, and scarce,nice pair of medals.
QUEENS SOUTH AFRICA/KINGS SOUTH AFRICA-SMITH 9TH LANCERS WOUNDED AT GRASPAN Queens South Africa Medal, clasps: NATAL/BELMONT/RELIEF OF KIMBERLEY/PAARDEBERG. Kings South Africa clasps: SOUTH AFRICA 1901/SOUTH AFRICA 1902 Both named to: 4186 PTE.T.SMITH 9TH LANCERS(engraved naming on Q.S.A. Wounded at Graspan,25/12/1899. All clasps confirmed to roll, Medals about very fine or better, Q.S.A.has been re-pinned. Scarce clasp combination.
QUEENS SUDAN MEDAL-J HART-1/GRENADIER GUARDS,WOUNDED BOER WAR,AUTHOR OF "INCIDENTS OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN CAMPAIGN" Queens Sudan Medal. Named to: 5747 PTE J.HART1/GREN:GDS (Engraved in the correct style to this unit) 5147 J HART is on the roll for the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards Queens Sudan,and 5747 J.HART is on the roll for the 2nd Battalion Queens Sudan.I believe this to be one and the same man, his number having been transposed,so appears on the roll for the 1st and 2nd Battalion. 5147 Pte.John Hart was born in 1874 in Carey, County Sligo,and enlisted in the Grenadier Guards on 09/01/1895.He served at home,Gibraltar,Egypt and South Africa,being discharged on 26/01/1901 as medically unfit, probably due to wounds received in the Boer War. He qualified for the Queens South Africa Medal, with two clasps,and was wounded at Senekal,on 29/05/1900.(Roll states: transferred to 1st.Btn.,invalided) Pte.J.Hart published: "Incidents of the South African Campaign" His own Diary of the War.Pub New Brunswick,Canada 1901 Medal about very fine or better.Comes with full set of papers. Worthy of further research.
QUUENS SOUTH AFRICA-3RD HUSSARS Queens South africa Medal,clasps: ORANGE FREE STATE/TRANSVAAL/SOUTH AFRICA 1902. Named to: 4309 pte.A NICHOLLS 3rd HUSSARS.Clasps confirmed-transferred to 7th Hussars 19-09-1902. About good very fine,patchy dark toning
ROYAL NAVAL LONG SERVICE GROUP OF FOUR TO CROWTHER-H.M.S.HEATHER(FORMER Q SHIP) ON.L.S.G.C.SERVED JUTLAND H.M.S.AJAX 1914/15 Star Trio,M11217 F.J.CROWTHER ACT.E.R.A.4 R.N.(E.R.A.3 On pair).Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,E.R.A.2,H.M.S.HEATHER. Medals Fine to very fine, a little polished, and some contact wear.Medals Mounted court style. Frank John Crowter was born in 1895 at Plymouth, Devon.Joined Royal Navy on 22 May 1915. Served WW1 Ajax (Jutland) H.M.S.Heather was an Aubretia class sloop,and served as a Q Ship WW1 as Q16. Medal sent 07th January 1930.Supplied with copied Naval Papers
ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE DECORATION-ELIZABETH II DATED 1967 Roayal Naval Reserve Decoration (Elizabeth II) dated 1967 in original Royal Mint box.With original top pin, but ribbon has been shortened. Decoration about extremely fine, box in good order
ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE LONG SERVICE MEDAL TAMBLING, R.N.R. Royal Navy Reserve Long Service Medal.(EDWARD VII) Named to: D1001 T.TAMBLING SEAN 1CL R.N.R. Medal is about extremely fine.
SERVICE MEDAL OF THE ORDER OF SAINT JOHN-TO DISTRICT SURGEON EDWARD SMITH ABRAHAM 1942 Service Medal of the Order of St John,with additional clasp named to: 25779 D/SURG. E. SABRAHAM NO 1 DIS. S.J.A.B.1942. Medal extremely fine. Edward Smith Abraham, M.R.C.S. Eng 1912, L.R.C.P. London 1912. Living at Devizes in 1919,and Streatham in 1943.
SERVING BROTHER OF THE ORDER OF ST JOHN OFFICERS BREAST BADGE-TOGETHER WITH BRONZE MEDAL NAMED TO: 141551 HENRY B HAZELL Order Of St John Serving Brother Breast Badge(early type) Together with a Bronze St John AmbulAnce Association Bronze Medal,named to:141551 HENRY B HAZELL. About very fine,Breast badge has edge bruise. Apparently awarded to Hazell whilst serving with St John Railway Association.
SHORT BROTHERS BEDFORD AMBULANCE CORPS MEDAL-TO BEART 1918 Short Brothers Ambulance Corps Medal, Rev named to: C BEART 1918 26 mm hallmarked silver scarce item,on original ribbon
SOUTH AFRICA MEDAL (1877-79)-CLASP-1879-BLACKMORE 3/60TH FOOT South Africa Medal(1877-1879) clasp 1879 Named to: 3235 PTE W.J.BLACKMORE 3/60TH FOOT Correctly engraved to regiment,and confirmed on Medal roll Medal is extremely fine or better on old silver buckle. Comes with copy pay muster-joined the Btn.,in 1874 as 2484 renumbered 3235- embarked for England 13/10/1879. The 3/60th were involved in the action at Gingindlovu 2 April 1879 Copy pay muster supplied with medal.
SOUTH ATLANTIC MEDAL TO LEADING STEWARD CUNNING H M S YARMOUTH South Atlantic Medal, with Rosette,named to: LSTD W CUNNING D4835270 H M S YARMOUTH Medal about extremely fine, a little stained on reverse, on pin for wearing. H.M.S. Yarmouth carried out a variety of tasks during the Falklands War,including Bombardment,antisubmarine patrols,covert operations and escorting merchant ships to and from the landing area.On the 23 May 1982 she intercepted and and engaged the Argentine coaster ARA Monsunen with her 4.5 in guns-the coaster evaded capture by running aground at Seal Cove. At the San Carlos Landings, she provided air defence during the battles of San Carlos for the landing of ships in San Carlos water.On the 25th May she shot down an A4C Skyhawk, with her Sea Cat missile system.On the 13-14th June she she shelled Argentine positions during the battle of Mount Tumbledown.During the War she she fired over 1,000 shells from her main guns,mostly during shore bombardment,and 58 anti-submarine Limbo mortar rounds.. After the surrender of the Falkland Islands she sailed to the Sandwich Islands, where Argentina had established a base in South Thule since 1976.Following a demonstration of the Yarmouth's guns, the ten Argentine military personnel surrendered. Scarce on the market
SOUTH EAST ASIA GROUP OF FIVE TO POINTER-ROYAL SIGNALS 1939/45 Star,Burma Star,Defence and War Medals,General Service Medal clasp: SOUTH EAST ASIA named to: 14348938 CPL.F.T.POINTER .R.SIGNALS Medals are all about extremely fine,on swing style wearing bar.
SOUTH EASTERN AND CHATHAM RAILWAY CENTRE OF ST JOHN MEDAL South Eastern and Chatham Railway Centre Of The St.John John Ambulance Association Bronze Medal. Named to: Frank M Twiddle for recognition of having passed seven annual examinations in succession About very fine, with a little verdigris, on St Johns type ribbon
ST JOHNS AMBULANCE BRIGADE MEDAL FOR SOUTH AFRICA-YEATES PRESTON CORPS. St.Johns Ambulance Brigade Medal for South Africa. Named to: 841 PTE.W.YEATES PRESTON CORPS. Medal about good very fine,on original ribbon,and pin for wearing.
SUDAN MEDAL AND 1914 STAR TRIO TO JONES 1/LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT-WOUNDED 1914 Queens Sudan Medal, named to: 4571 PTE T JONES 1/LIN R 1914 Star trio,named to: 8331 PTE T H JONES 1/LIN R. Small edge bruise on Sudan, otherwise Good Very Fine,on new and old ribbons Thomas Henry Jones born Kirkley,Suffolk, 1876,enlisted in the Suffolk Regiment 1894,Transferred to the Lincolnshire Regiment,1896.Appears in the Regimental Defaulters Registers several times-and was court martialled.He was discharged in and 1902,re-enlisted 1914.Arrived in France 22/10/1914 Wounded 01/11/1914 (G.S.W. groin) Later transferred to the Labour Corps. Full set of papers available on line-a good read! Also entitled to the Khedives Sudan with clasps for Khartoum and the Atbara.
SUFFOLK REGIMENT AND ROYAL ANGLIAN REGIMENT GROUP OF FOUR TO THOMPSON General Service Medal (George VI) Clasps: MALAYA/CYPRUS,Campaign Service Medal, clasp: NORTHERN IRELAND,1953 Coronation Medal,Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,clasp: REGULAR ARMY. G.S.M.Named to: 22571647 PTE P.A..THOMPSON SUFFOLK. C.S.M.Named to: 22571647 PTE. P.A.THOMPSON R ANGLIAN L.S.G.C.Named to: 22571647 S.SGT.P.A.THOMPSON R.ANGLIAN. Medal group about very fine and better,slight contact wear on G.S.M. Comes with copied photo of the 1st Batallion Rifle Team,1963 which includes Thompson, and a newspaper cutting showing Thompson,in later years wearing his Medals.Also a copied page from the Suffolk Regimental Gazette 1953,which lists Thompson amongst those who were awarded the 1953 Coronation Medal. A fine "modern" group.
TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY GROUP OF SIX TO CALLAND- R.TANKS 1939/45 Star,AfricaStar, Italy Star,Defence,War Medal and Territorial Efficiency Medal(George VI) clasp: TERRITORIAL.This named to: 7396846 TPR.R.S.CALLAND. R. TKS Medals very fine and better,mounted swing-style on bar for wearing(as worn)
TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY MEDAL GROUP OF FIVE TO DAWKINS 1939/45 War Medal,,Defence Medal,1939/45 Star,Africa Star, and Territorial Efficiency Medal,(George VI ) clasp: TERRITORIAL this named to: 1449956 SJT L F DAWKINS R.A..Medals in envelopes stapled to card in this order. All about extremely fine.Also comes with "In pursuit of the Africa Corps" booklet. Kent A.A. Regiments Glorious role in Desert campaign, a certificate of pilgrimage to to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem,and newspaper cuttings of his death-lived at Bapchild,Kent
TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY MEDAL,GOODRUM, NORFOLK REGIMENT Territorial Efficiency Medal,clasp TERRITORIAL,named to: 5769322 PTE.S. GOODRUM,ROYAL NORFOLK REGT. Medal about very fine or better.
TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY MEDAL-PTE WALES- NORFOLK REGT Territorial Force Efficiency Medal,clasp: TERRITORIAL named to: 5773322 PTE.E.W.WALES NORFOLK. About extremely fine.
TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY MEDAL-ROBINSON SURREYS Territorial Efficiency Medal(George VI) named to: 2080297 CPL.F.J. ROBINSON SURREYS. Medal is extremely fine.
TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY MEDAL-SUMMERS-R.E.M.E. territorial Efficiency Medal (George VI),clasp TERRITORIAL. Named to: 83258 SGT E A F SUMMERS REME. Medal extremely fine. Awarded Territorial Efficiency Medal,1946
TERRITORIAL EFFICIENCY MEDAL-VALE-REME Territorial Efficiency Medal,( George VI) clasp TERRITORIAL. Named to: 2040764 CFN L J VALE R.E.M.E. Medal extremely fine
TERRITORIAL FORCE EFFICIENCY MEDAL-AUSTIN-NORTHAMPTON REGIMENT Territorial Efficiency Medal (George V) Named to: 31486 SJT W A AUSTIN 4 NORTH'N R Medal is about good very fine, a little staining on reverse
TERRITORIAL FORCE EFFICIENCY MEDAL-GEORGE V-HOUGHTON 4-NORTHAMPTON REGIMENT Territorial Force Efficiency Medal (GeorgeV) Named to: 659 PTE S HOUGHTON 4/NORTHAMPTON R. Medal about good very fine, on short piece of original ribbon
TERRITORIAL FORCE EFFICIENCY MEDAL-TO -MUDDIMAN- NORTHAMPTON REGIMENT Territorial Force Efficiency Medal (George V) Named to: 200157 C Q M SJT F MUDDIMAN 4-NORTH'N R. Medal is about good very fine,small correction on '4' Entitled to a 1914/15 Star trio
TERRITORIAL FORCE WAR MEDAL GROUP OF THREE TO BEDWELL-NORFOLK REGIMENT-DIED IN PALESTINE 1917 British War and Victory Medals,Territorial Force War Medal. Named to: 1984 PTE J W BEDWELL NORF R. Medals about good very fine,Territorial Medal has a few stains on reverse of Medal. 200172/1984 Private Joseph Francis Bedwell 1st/4th Battalion Norfolk Regiment,died on 19th April 1917.He was born at Ditchingham, Norfolk,and enlisted at Homersfield,Norfolk.He is commemorated on the Jerusalem Memorial.
THE KING'S BADGE FOR LOYAL SERVICE ISSUED BY THE MINISTRY OF PENSIONS The King's Badge - a buttonhole badge with the crowned monogram GRI-inscribed: FOR LOYAL SERVICE. In excellent condition,in The Ministry Of Pensions cardboard box of issue.
TWO RELATED BRITISH RED CROSS AND ORDER OF ST JOHN 1914/15 STAR TRIO'S Two related 1914/15 Star trio's both named to: A.E.COOPER B.R.C.& ST.J.J. Average condition about good very fine, on a mixture of replacement and new ribbons. A Medal index card shows Arthur Edward Cooper,British Red Cross Chauffeur as entitled to 1914/15 Star trio-he arrived in France on 20/12/1914,and claimed the 1914 Star,this however was refused, and a 1914/15 Star issued. The British Red Cross Medal Rolls show Arthur Edward Cooper on the Red Cross and St John Ambulance unit as Chauffeur and is on the rolls for the 1914 Star,(inelligible)1914/15 Star and Bwm/Victory Medals. Medal rolls for British War Medal and Victory Medal also show an Arthur Ernest Cooper who arrived in France 11/04/1915.This man is not shown on the Medal roll for the 1914/15 Star, but undoubtedly entitled. An intriguing pair, worthy of further research.
UNUSUAL GROUP OF FOUR TO LT F/LT B.G.F. BARTLETT A E- ROYAL ARMY PAY CORPS AND R.A.F.V.R. 1939/45 War and Defence Medals, Territorial Efficiency Medal, (George VI) clasp TERRITORIAL, this named to: LT. B.G.F. BARTLETT R.A.P.C. Air Efficiency Award,(Elizabeth II) Named to: FLT LT B G F BARTLETT R A F V R Medals about extremely fine, as purchased. London Gazette 24th October 1944 Royal Army Pay Corps The undermentioned War Subs Lts to be Lts and Paymrs- B.G.F BARTLETT (274036) London Gazette 27th March 1955 Promotion: Flying Officer to Flight Lieutenant B.G.F.BARTLETT ( 205538) 3Oth January 1955 Must be a very scarce combination of awards
VERY EARLY NAVAL CASUALTY-SLATER-DIED 2 SEPTEMBER 1914 H.M.DRIFTER "EYRIE"-WITH HIS FATHERS 1914/15 STAR-SKIPPER R.N.R.WHO ALSO SERVED ON EYRIE 1914/15 Star trio named to: DA888 W.G.SLATER D.H.R.N.R. 888DA Deckhand William John Slater H.M.Drifter "Eyrie" died on 02/09/1914 aged 18 years- when "Eyrie" hit a mine on the outer dowsing.He was the Son of Gertrude Slater,of 59,Maidstone Road,Lowestoft.He is commemorated on The Chatham Memorial. Six men were drowned when the Eyrie was sunk,out of a crew of eleven.The Eyrie had previously rescued the crew of the "Chr Broburg" which had also been sunken by a mine. Group also comes with his Fathers 1914/15 Star, named to: SA250 A.SLATER R.N.R. He was born in 1872 in Blundeston,Suffolk,and was a 2nd hand aboard the "Eyrie" Promoted to Skipper he served on a number of Trawlers and Drifters.He died on 22/04/22,his Naval Prize Money being sent to his Widow. Medals are extremely fine,on original silk ribbons. Comes with Admiralty letter for the Medals,(AF) Medal boxes(AF) A superb memorial double-photo-frame,with a picture of Slater junior with his Mother and Grandmother,and a photo of his Father rowing a boat.These are in a "daguerrotype" frame,with guilt edges,which opens up,and can stand freely. Also a copied photo of the Eyrie with crew.Copied papers, etc. The Eyrie was the first of the Lowestoft hired fishing fleet to be lost in WWI and as such a very early Naval casualty.
VICTORIA VOLUNTEER LONG SERVICE MEDAL-UN-NAMED AS ISSUED Victoria,For Long Service in the Volunteer Force Medal. Un-named as issued Good very fine. Original ribbon stitched onto Medal
VICTORIA-VOLUNTEER OFFICERS DECORATION Volunteer Officer's Decoration Victoria (VR) Decoration about good very fine,with original top bar and ribbon. London hallmarks for 1892-3 makers mark Garrards
VICTORY MEDAL TO CAPTAIN J ROMANES-BORDER REGIMENT-LATER ROYAL FLYING CORPS AND LIEUT COL R.A.F.-A GEOLOGIST Victory Medal, named to: CAPT J.ROMANES Captain James Romanes was born in 1886.He was educated at Edinburgh academy and Christ's college,Cambridge,1905-1909.He was formerley on the Geological staff at Cambridge,and in July 1914 had returned from a two year survey in Peru and Bolivia.He joind the 6th Btn Border Regt. and obtained a commission in September, 1914.He was sent to GallIpoli, arriving on the 08/05/1915.He was married just before He went to Gallipoli, and received a Silver Salver presented by 37 other Officers of the Regiment,17 of whom were killed in action.The Family received a telegram dated 27th August, 1915, announcing that he had been wounded in action.Three days later a missive amended the information and offered Lord Kitcheners' sympathy on the death of Captain Romanes.On the third day of the month a telegram was received from Buckingham Palace, offering the King and Queens sympathies,and obituaries were placed in the Scotsman and The Times.The Family then received a telegram from Romanes to say that he was coming home and had been slightly wounded! In March 1917 he joined the Royal Flying Corps,and took a course in Gunnery.He was mentioned in a press communique L.G 13/03/1918. He was appointed temporary Lt Col (Air Ministry) in May 1918, and transferred to the unemployed list 04/04/1919. Medal about good very fine on original full length silk ribbon.Most of the information has been published by his Grandson Alasdair on the Internet,and more information can be gleaned by reading this article.
VICTORY MEDAL TO RICE NORFOLK REGIMENT Victory Medal,named to: 29336 PTE B.RICE NORF R. Medal about good very fine.
VICTORY MEDAL-CAPTAIN CEDRIC WILLIAM LE-MEASURIER CROLL Victory Medal,named to: CAPT C.W. LE. M. CROLL Medal about very fine or better, on short piece of ribbon. Captain Cedric William Le Measurier Croll. Served WW1 Royal Engineers,Royal West Kent R(entitled to pair) WW2 Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps-resigned his commission 03/09/1943 with the honorary rank of Major. Died at Ipswich, 1969
VICTORY MEDAL-MORRIS-S WALES BORDERERS Victory Medal, named to: 49630 PTE J P MORRIS S. WALES.BORD. Medal about very fine- a couple of large digs on edge-affects A and L in WALES.
VICTORY MEDAL-TO AMES DIED OF WOUNDS MESOPOTAMIA 1917 Victory Medal,named to: 26082 PTE.A.G.J.AMES NORF R. Medal about good very fine, on original ribbon. 26082 Pte.Albert George James Ames, 2nd Battalion Norfolk Regiment, died of wounds on 06th March 1917.He was born and enlisted,in Norwich. He is buried in the Amara War Cemetery.
VOLUNTEER LONG SERVICE MEDAL, VICTORIA UN-NAMED WITH WATCH AND BE SOBER TOP CLASP For Long Service In The Volunteer Force Medal (Victoria) Unnamed as issued,with attractive "WATCH AND BE SOBER" with Recumbant Lion top clasp. Medal about very fine,on original stitched ribbon
WARRANT HOLDERS ASSOCIATION MEDAL-AWARDED TO CAPTAIN H PARKER IN 1922 Warrant Holders Association Medal (George V) Named to: CAPTAIN H PARKER 1ST DECEMBER 1922 On original pin for wearing Extremely fine and nicely toned.
WATERLOO MEDAL-SILVER REPRODUCTION STRUCK FOR WORCESTERSHIRE MEDAL SERVICES Waterloo Medal,struck in sterling silver,with a proof-like finish,encapsulated,with a piece of ribbpon. Struck for Worcestershire Medal Services,to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Waterloo.Comes with certificate,and box of issue-still being sold at 72.50.
WAZIRISTAN 1919-21 GROUP OF THREE TO SHINGLES-NORFOLK REGIMENT Indian General Service Medal, clasp: WAZIRISTAN 1919-21 Named to: 5763551 PTE E.G.SHINGLES NORF R British War and Victory Medals,named to: 9529 PTE E G SHINGLES NORF R. Medals about good very fine, on odd ribbons,the silver Medals dark toned Lived at Bergh Apton Norfolk.
WORLINGWORTH (SUFFOLK) VOLUNTEERS MEDAL 1798 The Worlingworth (Suffolk) Volunteers Medal in silver, 38mm.By J.G.Hancock.Eimer 900,Tancred 382. Struck for John Henniker-Major,2nd Baron Henniker (1752-1821) politician. About very fine and scarce
WW1 PAIR AIRS-DEVON REGIMENT British War Medal/Victory Medal. Named to: PTE.A.H.AIRS DEVON REGIMENT. Medals good very fine,War Medal toned-on full length original silk ribbons.Copy of M.I.C.supplied, which shows later service with the Labour Corps
WW1 PAIR TO GOLDING-KINGS ROYAL RIFLE CORPS British War Medal/Victory pair. Named to: R33677 Pte.G.H.Golding.K.R.R.C. Medals about extremely fine,BWM dark toned.
WW1 PAIR TO SMITH NORFOLK REGIMENT British War Medal/Victory Medal. named to: 3036 PTE J SMITH NORFOLK REGIMENT. entitled to a 1914/15 Star,Served Balkans, arrived 09/08/1915.Later service in the Machine Gun Corps.Copy of M.I.C.Included. About very fine,Victory a little stained
WW1 PAIR-POUND DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY British War Medal/Victory Medal. named to: 99431 PTE.F.POUND DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY. Medals about good very fine
WWII MEDAL CLASP 8TH ARMY Please note this is a multi-stock item,and the clasp sent may not be the one photographed,but it will be of equal quality
WWII MEDAL CLASP :1ST ARMY Please note this is a multi-stock item,and the item sent may not be the one photographed,but it will be of equal quality
WWII MEDAL CLASP: NORTH AFRICA 1942-43 Please not,this is a multi-stock item,and the clasp sent may not be the exact one photographed,but will be of equal quality